Pizza restaurants that every pizza lover should try

Pizza can be considered one of the simplest foods that comes in many forms with variety of toppings and sauces to give us the ultimate pleasure. It’s the number one go-to food for almost any occasion. And as the number of pizza restaurants increase, we decided to narrow down your search and tell you about 5 places that we’ve tried!

1-Vinny’s Pizzeria:


If you are craving a New York style pizza then Vinny’s Pizzeria is the one for you, it’s located in Maadi. You probably remember their name! yes, they’re the guys who brought us Pizza cake which is made from multiple layers of pizza and believe me, this one is LEGENDARY!



An Italian cuisine located in Sheraton, Helioplis and Nasr City. The atmosphere of the place is so good with its relaxing background music and its design. They serve many dishes, perfect appetizers and of course pizzas.

Pro-tip: try their chicken ranch pizza.

3-La Cassetta:

Photo Credits: Mariam Ehab ELazzab

Located in Nasr City, Heliopolis and Dokki. La Casseta is also an Italian restaurant, but this one gives you vintage vibes. Their cheesy full of ingredients pizza can never resisted, it looks very instagrammable as well.

4- Mercato Italiano:



With many different branches, Mercato Italiano is one of the most popular places that serves Italian food. The best part about it is that they sell per slice, so you can try out more than one type and figure out which ones you like most. Also a good option when you can’t afford a whole pizza but still want pizza.

5-Di Napoli:

Photo credits: Passant Elmolla

Located in Al-Rehab city and Nasr City. Di Napoli is an Italian restaurant specialized in pizzas, and makes very large ones! Their menu has enough to satisfy different pizza lovers, and this one allows you to buy per slice too, however, that’s not available for all the items on the menu. Still you get to enjoy pizza without spending too much money.

As a wise man once said, one can never have too much pizza. But don’t forget to renew your gym subscription 😉