Meat Over Consumption During Eid and How to Fix This

Today is the first day of Eid Al-Adha and Muslims worldwide are devouring huge amounts of delicious red meat. Even though it is perfectly okay to overeat during special occasions, you should make sure that your usual intake of meat is not excessive.

Before you start eating non-stop, you should know that meat has several health benefits ranging from improving your blood circulation to promoting better skin, hair and eyes. However, you should stick to having a maximum of 500g of meat per week (or 70g per day) since an over consumption can lead to undesirable effects.

The following list is types of lean animal protein, ranked from the safest and healthiest to the least. (keep in mind that this is long-term)

  1. Seafood:  is a great source of protein. It is extremely low in fat and rich in omega 3.
  2. White meat- poultry: is meat that is light in color and comes from birds.
  3. Lean Beef: these have high quality protein and relatively low-fat content.

Children grow up knowing that this is the time when they over-consume large amounts of meat, which they normally eat, and they miss out on the concept behind sacrifice and mercy altogether. Set an example to your kids and show them that one should not forget about the less fortunate by doing some good in front of them.

Now that banks and organizations like Misr El-Kheir made it very easy to reach those in need, this is the perfect chance to help some families either financially or by giving them from the sacrificial meat, in the end that’s what Islam is mainly about.