Will Egyptians Follow These Campaigns and Break The Jinx?

The World Cup has been the Egyptian dream since the 90’s. We have been dreaming of the day that Magdy Abd-ElGhany would finally shut up about his goal, but that day never came. Vodafone has thought of breaking the jinx through it’s campaign #Mat2ate3sh; bringing many of the young and the old famous faces in Egypt to teach us a lesson or two so maybe this year we can finally make the dream come true.

If there’s one thing that I love most about this ad, it would be the people in it! Bringing together Bayoumi Fouad, Medhat Shalaby, Ahmed El Esseily, and the social media sensation Amr Wahba alongside with many others, the casting was on point which is why the output came out as perfect as it can be.

Following their lead, Pepsi also came up with a campaign, #يلا_نفك_النحس also featuring Medhat Shalaby and a hilarious song about 90 million kaf.

Egypt will be playing against Uganda today, and almost half of the population -if not more- is fasting and I bet they’re all praying we will finally qualify and actually nfok el na7s.