Does Love Grow Stronger or Weaker Through the Challenges?

Love is challenging. It’s that one thing that has the ability to be miraculous and disastrous at the same time. It is not always going to be full of romantic dinners, presents, and lovely words.

Sometimes it may take the ugliest forms of expression. It can eradicate everything you have been taught about love; leaving nothing but heartache and some bullshit thoughts about why this had to happen and how it could have been different.

Sometimes you’ll have to carry on with blood and tears, and it will feel like it has never been that tiring. That giving up is the only thing that feels right and relieving. You’ll spend hours, days, and maybe months trying to work this out and it’s either you both take over and win this together or you fall .. and fail; miserably.

You’re gonna have to constantly communicate, to be patient and understand the phase you’re both facing and that’s all it takes to move forward together, safely and smoothly.
That’s the hardest part about love, it needs all your energy, all your dedication and determination to HOLD ON. But if you both love each other enough to stick around when you’ve seen the worst versions of yourselves, when you find yourself having to deal with everything you probably hate in the other person or can’t even handle, but still you give it a chance and you offer your love in the midst of all of it. When you see how love has changed you and challenged you give it your all with a tenacious grip, a warm embrace, and a heart full of love. And that’s when you know, it’s all worth it.