Egyptian Couple Goes “Around Egypt in 60 Days”

Dalia El-Debaiky and Omar Attia, an Egyptian couple, who bonded their love of exploration and sightseeing, are travelling together for the sake of exploring their country’s most vibrant and beautiful attractions across all of the 27 governorates, encouraging tourism and writing a book documenting this whole tour titled “Around Egypt in 60 Days”. The couple share gorgeous glimpses, mind-blowing photographs and exciting stories on their Instagram account, proving that there’s so much more in Egypt other than Sahel and Dahab.


Attia made it clear through the Facebook Page that the book won’t be an ordinary tourism guide nor a history book, and it won’t only showcase Egypt’s touristic attractions, but will also have their real life experiences, and narrate their stories while interacting with locals and dwell on a real journey off the beaten touristic track.

“It wasn’t a luxury of time nor money for Dalia and I to tour the whole of Egypt for our book.. It was more of a duty towards our country to unveil its splendor to the world!” – Attia on their Facebook page.

It’s jaw-dropping how beautiful their journey and photographs are. Can’t they just release the book already?!