We Asked 12 Folks What They Find Attractive In Their Significant Other And That’s What They Told Us!

In a world where judging a book by its cover is the normal and how someone dresses and looks can easily entice all the eyes around them, we decided to dig deeper and try to know the real deal behind people falling for others. We would be lying if we said it has nothing to do with their looks, but hey, looks without the right attitude are nothing. And these anonymous folks went across the surface and decided to talk deep with us!

“Him being a supporter to my career; he knows how much I’m passionate about photography and so one day I found one of the photos I photographed on the page of National Geographic Egypt, and then found out that he’s the one who did it. It meant a lot to me. And if this isn’t attractive, what would be?” –I.A

“Most attractive thing I found about him was his voice and sexy lexicon.” –F.Y

“To me attraction comes from appreciation.” –Y.E

“I’d be more attracted to him if he respected my privacy and my work life; I don’t like a guy who wants his girl around him because he’s finally off work or because he’s bored. I’m not a puppet, I have a career that I’m trying to pursue as well.” –G.M

“Well I don’t really have much to say about my imaginary girl-friend, but I think the things I’d see most attractive would be acceptance for others opinions with knowing the limits for everything. There’s no need to always be arguing over every and anything! But thank God my imaginary partner is nothing like that!” –O.M

“The girl can have the looks, the talks, you can pretty much say everything but without respecting others I’d never be attracted to her. I can’t tolerate it when someone is being disrespectful to any other human being. Kindness and compassion are a code I live by.”–M.I

“If he’s a very hardworking person and always striving for success in his career even though he hasn’t graduated yet then YAS he’s attractive! I love a guy who’s always trying to be responsible.” –H.W

“She has to be knowledgeable and fun to be around. Two traits that attract me on a personal level.” –K.M

“I don’t get why some girls find mystery attractive, I like it when he’s sociable and care-free.” –R.H

“I love it when she has a head of her own, her own interests and plans that she’d prepared.” –A.M

“I think it’s more about the smallest most spontaneous things because the big things are so obvious and people are cautious of them all the time, for instance being protective in things like crossing the street or turning the air conditioning the other side when I’m cold. The things done without uttering or asking. Yes weird, but to me, it’s these things that matter.” –L.M

“What I find extremely attractive is sharing details with me. It’s unlike guys to do so, so when it’s done, it means something.” –T.A

At the end of the day, there will never be criteria for attractiveness, but there are some agreed on standards that no one can deny.