A New Mysterious Joker Is To Be Expected Soon

DC has introduced a lot of Jokers to us through the years. Some were good, some were terrible and some others were iconic for one reason or the other. The latest Joker, Jared Leto who did the role in Suicide Squad, is confirmed to have an upcoming movie that tells the “romantic” story of the Joker and Harley Quinn…. I’m not gonna talk much about that but any true DC fan surely understands me perfectly without the need for me to say anything.

What I’m actually going to talk about is the upcoming standalone movie of the Joker which is supposed to feature the Joker’s origin story. The movie won’t be a part of the DCEU and it will include completely different actors and until now, we have no idea about who the next Mr. J is going to be. While we’ve actually seen a lot of actors portraying the role of the Joker, there are some actors who we think would be right for job so we made a list of the people who we think DC should consider for the role.

Willem Dafoe

The guy DC fans have been requesting for ages. I seriously don’t understand how he hasn’t been the joker before. He has the perfect looks for the role, he has a voice that could serve the role amazingly and he has already proven that he is a perfect guy to do the role of a villain psycho by being the Green Goblin in Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman.

Jim Carry

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This list couldn’t have not included Jim Carry. I can think of no no actor capable of being as crazy as the Joker except for him. He surely had some unfortunate luck playing Riddler, but some one as good as him definitely deserves a second chance. If someone is going to be the perfect joker, it’s gonna be him.

Miles Teller

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A Joker origins movie means they’ll probably need a young actor, depending of course on the universe and the story they’ll use. A young actor means they’ll need someone who is talented enough to take on any role and master it quickly, and who showed us his young amazing talent better than Miles Teller?

Jake Gyllenhaal

-ARROW SPOILER ALERT- DC fans know him from his role in Arrow as Prometheus, the crazy killer who’s trying to get vengeance for his father. Gyllenhaal is undoubtedly good at playing a psycho criminal and I bet he would add a classy style to the Joker’s psychotic personality, the kind of class the Joker needs but no actor – not even Ledger – was able to bring yet.

Johnny Depp

The man of every role. Just imagine captain Jack Sparrow, only with much more mental issues and with a lust to kill and destroy. Put some good makeup on the guy, get a good story that shows the real comic books Joker and find a good director – please don’t ignore this part – and I’m sure that this role will never be forgotten.

Tom Hiddleston

Seriously just look at his smile. If I didn’t know any better I would say the Joker was designed based on Hiddleston’s looks. He’s already a Marvel villain so I don’t know if it would be possible to do both, but if he could do it it would be a really wonderful thing to watch.

Now to the final actor on the list, it may be a little surprising but just think about it before you judge.

Christian Bale

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I know what you must think, it’s Batman how could he be a Joker? Let’s think it through, he has the perfect looks as shown in the picture above, he is a perfect actor who has played numerous spectacular characters, all being very different roles. He is definitely capable of playing a psycho as he has shown us in American Psycho. Last and most importantly, he was Batman with the greatest live action Joker yet, he was in the set and he has seen Ledger practicing for the role, living inside the character and improvising great parts. In fewer words, he learned from the best and that means he could reach to Ledger’s level. Maybe even more.

DC hasn’t been doing so well for the past few years, so now it’s their chance with that movie to either build a bigger empire or to lose the one they have.