The Best Fictional Friendships That We Wish We Were a Part of

We always feel something for fictional characters, sometimes we even wish they were alive and living with us. When it comes to fictional friendships, there’s a huge number of examples that are so powerful and inspirational; examples that made you realize how important and meaningful your bond with your friends is.

So, here’s a list of the best fictional friendships that we wish we were part of:

Scott and Stiles, Teen Wolf:


These two teenagers seem to have a unique friendship where you feel like they were completing each other. Stiles being the funny smart guy and Scott being the brave werewolf. No matter what troubles they get themselves in to, they always find a way out.

Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy:


The Most Famous BFFs, the two surgeons who dance off their problems. Of course we don’t want to face the drama they deal with during the show, but we definitely want what they have. They prove that you don’t have to be happy all the time but when you spend those un-happy moments with someone who understands you, they get better.

Harry, Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter:


The golden trio, my absolute favorite friendship that taught us what a true friend means. Harry and Ron are a lot like brothers, but Harry and Hermione have a different friendship where you feel like Hermione is Harry’s Anchor. What’s more fascinating about them is how the three of them can sacrifice anything for each other.

Sherlock and Watson, Sherlock Holmes:


There are many versions of this story but you can never deny the strong friendship between Sherlock and Dr. Watson in all of them. Despite how difficult Sherlock can be, you’d find Watson very patient and very understanding.

Bruce Wayne and Alfred, The Dark Knight:


Here’s a deep friendship at which Alfred is family more than a friend, that proves that after all the Dark Knight can’t make it alone in this life.

Chandler and Joey, Friends:


I know that the show is about six friends, but Chandler and Joey seem to have the closest friendship of all of them. I mean who doesn’t want to have a not-so-complicated friendship like the one between Chandler and Joey who are a complete opposite of each other; you know, opposites attract.

Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget, The sisterhood of travelling pants:


This squad is the ultimate friendship goals to every girl, those girls relationship is all about caring and sharing plus that you’d never find a squad that rocks Greece as those girls.

Elena and Bonnie, The vampire diaries:


Elena, Bonnie and Caroline have always been great friends, but Elena and Bonnie’s bond is much stronger because in what world you’d find two best friends to the point that their lives are linked to each other literally and metaphorically.


Tag your best friend and tell us which fictional friendship inspired you.