Summer Transfer Window: Camp Nou is to Officially Welcome Dembele While Ibrahimovic Reunites With The Reds

It’s traditional for every summer transfer window to increase its atmosphere’s intensity near the closing hours. As per the daily announcements, such habit isn’t set to be broken this year as hot signings are still being talked over. Setting the transfers to a start with a skied offer of 222 million Euros for Barcelona’s Neymar was the first indicator of the distinctiveness of this summer’s window, which will definitely mark a huge turning point in football’s industry.

Paulinho in Barcelona

With their annual massive signings, Spain has always succeeded in drawing global attention, but this year light is solely shed on Messi’s folks. After finalizing Paulinho’s deal, Barcelona’s fans anger was off the charts for the club’s odd administrative decisions that lost the club its key player, without seeking proper compensations. Things got even worse after the club’s online announcement of signing PSG’s Di Maria, only to find out that such falsely statement was the work of a hacker who gained access to the club’s twitter account and played on the fans’ nerves.

Dembele To Join Barcelona

After such trembling actions that resulted in an ineffective squad and two humiliating losses against the rival Real Madrid, things took a slight turn for the better. On Friday, Barcelona had made it official to welcome Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele to their squad. The awaited deal for the 20-year-old French player is to be sealed for 105 million Euros in a 5-year contract, to be the world’s second most expensive transaction in football’s history.

Rumor has it that Barcelona isn’t over yet with this transfer window. With stories surrounding Di Maria being linked to Barcelona and the ongoing news of Coutinho’s fervent desire to join the Catalan despite Liverpool’s denials, the future is still unknown for Barcelona’s futuristic deals that may mesmerize the scene with another huge signing in the upcoming hours.

Ibrahimovic Staying in Manchester United

On the other hand, the lands of the queen had also offered its contributions to sports headlines, with Manchester United’s agreement to extend Ibrahimovic’s stay at the club for one more year to come. After a rapid recovery from his past serious injury, the Swedish 35-year-old has stated that his plans to join USA’s Major League are postponed for the time being. He also declared that his presence alongside Lukaku in the attacking lines will support the red devils’ chances of hosting this year’s Premier League title in the Old Trafford.

Going along this window’s exceptionality, the transfers of the English clubs this summer have surpassed all its precedent funding records, with 1.17 billion pounds spent up to this moment. However, such budgets were utilized to equip the teams of the Premier League with new promising talents, which will grant us strong competitive fixtures and entertaining atmospheres. With Ibrahimovic, Morata, Harry Kane and Salah leading the British attacks for this season, the world’s finest league just got better!

With clubs scrambling over the deadline of the transfers, deals keep on popping every now and then, and for this summer’s madness, it won’t be over until the window officially closes. So all we got to do is sit tight, wait for August 31 and anticipate clearer visions of teams’ definitive squads and this season’s proceedings.