Beautiful Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

IT’S VACATION which means staying in bed scrolling through your social media 100 times/minute; so if you’re gonna keep scrolling anyway, you better bless your eyes with these instagram accounts which we managed to talk to some of their users.

Salma El-Kashef

“I studied cinematography in the High Institute Of Cinema and graduated from it.
What mostly inspires me is my house as it has so many secrets of how it’s been in the past.
Everything really inspires me. Any sort of art; a painting or a drawing and music. Sometimes people are really my inspiration too; in the way the act and the way they are. In addition, travelling and and exploring were a great source of my inspiration as well. I try to find inspiration and beauty in everything.

True art is being able to express yourself and your feelings and that’s what I gained.

Art is something that stimulates an individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs and ideas through the senses. It is also an expression of an idea and it can take many different forms and serve many different purposes.”

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Fouad El-Batrawy

“I’ve always been a geek. I love to know how everything works, especially tech related stuff. Phones, PC, home appliances…etc. Eventually I found my way into cameras and how they work. Cameras were no exception and I began to explore the ever expanding world of photography about 4-5 years ago. By the time I bought my first camera I had already read enough about all the different types and genres of photography, it didn’t take me that long to find my way around and know how to take a good photo.”


IMG_20170827_183625 IMG_20170827_183605 IMG_20170827_183545 IMG_20170827_183531

Rana Hemdan

IMG_20170827_170553 IMG_20170827_170609 IMG_20170827_170621 IMG_20170827_170727 IMG_20170827_170644


“My mom loves to take photos, and I learned a lot from her… I’ve been taking photos for more than a decade, and I’m always photographing when I travel.”

IMG_20170827_165210IMG_20170827_165226IMG_20170827_165241 IMG_20170827_165251

Salma Atef

“I don’t know I got into photography because I was so frustrated that people couldn’t see things from my angle or from my eye, so I started taking pictures and editing them in hopes that I wouldn’t just be saving those somewhere (that is not in my unreliable memory bank) but also give people some insight to the things and the lovely humans that I see every now and then, you know what they say about how it is never case that two people read the same book? That it’s always read with a different perspective and interpreted differently, yeah well, photography is that too but with photographs and I mean, it’s just your job to let us see how you see things”



 Hana Galal

“Pictures are so important to me and I like to look at a picture and feel warm. This is why I developed an identity of warmth in my pictures. And traveling is how I learn.”


IMG_20170827_165901 IMG_20170827_165849 IMG_20170827_165825 IMG_20170827_165836

 Tarek Ragab

“The only one thing I believe in is that a photographer’s biggest enemy is procrastination”

IMG_20170827_163703 IMG_20170827_163714 IMG_20170827_163724 IMG_20170827_163735

 Youssif Ziadah

“I actually started taking photographs after this one incident where I had been on a road trip and saw the road and the clouds in this whimsical way, I tried to describe it to a friend of mine later that day but couldn’t, he gave me his camera two days later and told me “less talking, more capturing” I’ve been taking pictures ever since.”

IMG_20170827_162632 IMG_20170827_162646 IMG_20170827_162701 IMG_20170827_162720

 Ammar El-Adawy

“I got into photography 7 years ago, but I only had a Fujifilm digital camera inspired by National Geographic and I’ve always wanted to do either photography or videography. Two years later I got a DSLR camera starting my journey first on Flicker but I didn’t have much audience there so I joined Instagram. Of course I had to step up my game so I started watching online tutorials. I never stopped photographing since then; either using the camera or my mobile phone.”

IMG_20170827_163108 IMG_20170827_163122 IMG_20170827_163136 IMG_20170827_163151

 Yousef Talaat

“I got into photography in 2013 then quit for a while but got back on track in September 2015. At first I used to do street photography using my mobile phone camera but now I do portraits. I’m actually self-taught using YouTube and online tutorials.”

IMG_20170828_152242 IMG_20170828_152213 IMG_20170828_152255 IMG_20170828_152227

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