The 5 Most Famous Types of Guys When It Comes to Flirting

Guys usually tend to flirt -whether they’re serious or not- for the sake of breaking the ice or somehow showing sentiment. Although most girls might have that flirt-detecting sensor, they’re often kept jumbled up and confused about those mixed signals given to them. So here’s your guide to spot some types of those flirts you could or might have come across…


The humorous punk:                                                                                                      
The hilarious one. You can rarely catch this guy with any sort of seriousness, as he will always try to grab your attention and keep you interested by joking about every single thing. His jokes and how he flirts will crack you up, however his non-stop humor will probably get you puzzled and unsure about his true feelings. So you just need to brace yourself!


The shy disaster:                                                                                                            
Aly ebn el nas el kwayeseen! This type of flirts is certainly a disaster. He either tries to flirt while stumbling and blushing, or simply ignores you because you make him nervous, and this makes it harder to detect whether he’s into you or quite the opposite. Well mostly he’s into you, just be nice and give him some time to break the ice!



The compliment fuss:                                                                                                       
“Roses are red, violets are blue, I will do nothing but complimenting you!”                     This guy will shower you with compliments all day and all night as he simply believes showering you with flattery is the only way to keep things lit. Some women view this as romantic, others view it as a bother. So if you belong to the second team, this won’t last for long.



The straightforward:                                                                                                      
No mystery, no hidden agendas and most important, no effort needed! You know this guy likes you only by saying “Hi” and he’ll make his affection crystal clear. He also might have no problem asking you out right after your first conversation. However, you should think twice before taking any decision because you’ll either start a relationship in no time or he’ll instantly disappear if you turned him down.


The lord of the means:                                                                                                         
“Your eyes are as blue as my toilet water at home!”                                                           Most probably this dude hates the fact that he’s likely into you. So instead of confessing it right away, he’ll try to hide it by being rude or indelicate. Add to this that he might try making fun of your flaws and habits whether they’re normal or not. Just feel free to run away!


Various flirts and different attitudes but always remember that “kollohom Moastafa Abo Hagar”!