Charlie Hebdo Releases It’s Latest Islamophobic Cartoon Cover

We all remember the name Charlie Hebdo, the most controversial magazine of 2015, the one which got assaulted by two armed terrorists who later on identified themselves to be part of Al-Qaeda. The same magazine has just released another Islamophobic cartoon cover in light of the recent tragic terrorist attack in Barcelona.

The cover translates to: “Islam, The Religion of….Eternal Peace”

“Islam is a religion of peace” is a phrase you hear quite often whenever someone tries criticizing or attacking Islam saying that it’s a religion of blood and terror, and Charlie Hebdo decided it was time to start mocking that too and that invites us all to think about freedom of speech, how it’s often confused with disrespect to a certain group of people and how it’s confused with hate speech.

There were a lot of different opinions about this cover

Some agreed with it

Some others did not

Of course this is not the first time Charlie Hebdo has offered this kind of dark humor about Islam and Muslims, and we’re almost certain it won’t be the last time.