5 YouTube Channels That Offer Quality Reading Music


Since the dawn of humanity, reading has always been topping generations’ lists of hobbies. Somehow, such vintage habit managed to retain its classic joy through the years, regardless of the developments and alterations our world witnesses on a daily basis. Likewise, the traditional debate on whether books surpass movies is still intact, transcending decades of continuous evolution.

Despite the authenticity of books, movies possess an essential factor that equipped its occasional superiorities over written words; the musical score that escorts visualized productions, acquiring each scene intangible feelings to be crafted in the memories of the audience for years after their first watch. However, we thought of conveying such pivotal tool to suit all enthusiastic readers out there. Thus, we listed the best five YouTube channels that offer the best reading music for you to enhance you reading experience and start acquiring your books their very own soundtracks!

1- HDSounDI

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With a wide variety of short tracks (10 minutes or less), HDSounDI offers you wide choices of dreamy, energetic and upbeat music. It’s a perfect preference for fantasy novels and projects of pure fiction where new worlds are constructed within the reader’s vivid imagination. Having tens of millions of views and more than a half million subscribers, this musical channel is definitely worth your time.

2- Meditation Relax Music

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Following its descriptive name, this channel is the perfect fit for relaxing purposes and light moods. Regardless of your taste, you’d surely find your preferred instruments leading the music videos, with three-hour tracks of guitars, flutes, piano and ambient sounds. For those who have affection for stories centered on socials and romances, this channel is your pick!

3- TheHonestGuys

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Similar to Meditation Relax Music, this channel features divergent musical instruments in the leading layers. In addition to that, the durations of TheHonestGuys’ productions fluctuates between few minutes and long hours, to suit all kinds of readers; those in favor of short sneaks and others who value extensive reading periods.

4- YellowBrickCinema

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For the fans of guitar-based music, YellowBrickCinema’s singularity lies in such area, so what are you waiting for? It can also serve your studying purposes as well as putting you into long peaceful naps. Their tracks are always advisable for dramatic novels as well as Asia-centered stories for their great foreign productions that would transfer its listeners to such magical lands.

5- Just Instrumental Music

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While everybody was busy composing brand new instrumental music, these guys came up with the easiest yet effective option. Through utilizing the works of great musicians as Mozart and Beethoven for reading and focusing purposes, they provided their channel a dynamic uniqueness that suits all ages and generations.