Seven of Egypt’s Most Successful Mommies: Females to Look Up To.

We do abuse lots of things till they lose their meanings, one of those things that we abused the past couple of years was the term “strong independent woman”. Whenever you hear those 3 words, your mind automatically goes to women who would rather remain single because marriage ties them down, but allow me to correct you; a true strong independent woman can get married, compete in the business environment, succeed, have kids and raise them well! You think this isn’t doable? We’ll prove you wrong! 

The women listed below succeeded in different career fields; be it fashion, media, business, or whatever you have in mind. And if they can do it, so can you!

1-Amy Mowafi


The founder of one of the region’s biggest leading creative digital and media agencies; MO4 network. Showing eminent success in only five years, MO4 has over 140 clients from every field that can cross your mind. Hotels and resorts, malls, fashion brands, automotive, real estates and of course the city’s clubs and bars. You name it; they have it on their clients list. With two more babies in the picture (and no we’re not talking about Amy’s Momo and Maya yet) CairoScene and CairoZoom changed the standards and criteria for online magazines and videography/photography coverage. People use the term “You’ve been CairoZoomed” and you instantly know what they mean, and CairoScene shares exclusive updates on all the hottest local and international news. Alongside all that, Mowafi never ceases a moment to share her struggles and crazy-fun times with Momo, Maya and her hubby, making her life a very good material for a more successful reality show than the Kardashians, urm, “Keeping up with the Mowafi’s” maybe? No? Okay.
You can also catch Amy’s InstaStories where she, every once in a while, shares some mommy advice that can help all the mothers who suffer from hectic unbalanced work versus family lives.
2-Hana Elawadi

hana el awadi
Founder of personal blog ‘HanaGoesLocal’ in which she markets and encourages people to buy local Egyptian brands. With Elawadi shedding light on some of the uprising local entities, her blog has witnessed a huge success with over 47.7k followers on Instagram. Elawadi stated before that the idea of the blog hit her when the dollar increase issue occurred.
“I decided to promote local “made in Egypt” products, from fashion, beauty products, food, decor & travel. I chose to encourage local brands that have incredible talent and need to be noticed much more locally and internationally! Egypt has great craftsmanship and if we don’t take notice it will die out!“
True to her words you’ll find her blog very helpful as you’ll find some of Egypt’s most fashionable and affordable platforms. You can also catch her posting some snaps of her kids promoting local brands every now and then.

for #HanaGoesLocal blog click here
3-Heba Serag Eldin

heba serag eldin

This fashion diva studied at the Italian Fashion Academy as well as Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and is a certified visual merchandise. Serag Eldin masters window displays and in store displays, a business that is poorly practiced locally, which makes her one of a kind here in Cairo if not Egypt. She’s also the owner of Fashion Funds; a platform that gathers some of the hottest international and local brands together in what we’d like to call a hot fashion event. Her Instagram page is oh so inspirational to all the fashion lovers out there, we guarantee you you’ll get all the gasps and starts truck faces on from her sense of style. The cherry on top to all of that is her little son, Prince O, who is seen several times in cute photos with her on her Instagram page.
4-Norshek Fawzy

Norshek Fawzy started her successful journey in 2010 when she created The Bootcamp, one of the first workout groups in Egypt, three years later Norshek founded The Wellness Log alongside Nabil Rostom, her husband. The Wellness Log is considered the first online customized workout and nutrition program provider in the region with its own recently released mobile app. Although Fawzy’s hectic life is obvious, you can still see her kids, Tajj and Tala, posing with her on her social media platforms. This fitness guru has a lot going on in her career, with managing her clients’ fitness lives and managing her own fitness life with her hubby, adding to that raising the kids. The curly head is every woman’s mom goals. Chapeau Norshek, Chapeau!

5-Daliah Galal


Leading a hectic life is an understatement. Galal exerted many things before finding her own Media and PR agency, Carousel. From being a Senior Editor at Enigma Magazine to Editor-in-Chief, then a producer at BIG Production and a Managing Director at MO4 Network. Daliah did it all! And with her agency’s latest campaign for one of the biggest real estate development companies in the middle east Emaar Misr under the name “The Greek Is Here”, we couldn’t stop ourselves from wondering how can one be a super boss and a super mama both at the same time? Did we even mention that she’s the manager of her hubby slash social media comedian Marwan Younis? We’re talking about a multitasking guru here!
6-Sherine Hamdy

sherine hamdy
From her online show Ana Wi Heya to her TV show Assal Abyad on TEN channel, Sherine Hamdy always has her cheerful spirit on. On her Instagram account we can see a combination between her love towards fashion, her job and her fam. We see her keen on attending some of the town’s biggest star studded events, but still, as she mentioned before, her son is her number one priority and she does her best to balance her work life with her mommy life.
7-Nourhan Kandil

nourhan kandil
With over 241K followers on her Instagram page, Nourhan knows how to keep her followers updated with the latest health instructions and do’s and don’ts. Kandil is a doctor specialized in nutrition, owner of TLS Clinic, and a certified spinning instructor as well. A doctor by the day, a fashionista by night and a mother all the time. It’s not everyday that you find a successful doctor that breaks the stereotypical perspective of female doctors and a mother, all together. Hats off, Nour, hats off.

Women can literally do anything they want without being tamed, it’s all a matter of will power, sleepless nights, headache and coffee.