Poetry Performances That Received Millions Of Views

Spoken-word is a type of poetry that focuses on performance and voice inflection. Poets compete in ‘slam’ competitions and that’s how they gain recognition. The judges give them a score between 0 and 10 and the winner gets a prize.
The following performances have been viewed on Facebook/YouTube millions of times. They have gone viral on social media and some of them even got mentioned in the news.

OCD-Neil Hilborn
Neil speaks about his own experience with OCD and being in a relationship. It is both beautiful and heart-breaking to watch. The video has gotten over 75 million views and this poem is included in his book.

Ode To My Bitch Face-Olivia Gatwood
This is a personal favorite. Olivia speaks with incredible tone and confidence about the term ‘resting bitch face’ and how people usually mistake it for being unhappy. It received 15.1 million views which is not a surprise since it’s a piece of art.

What Guys Look For In Girls- Savannah Brown
After a famous YouTuber uploaded a video also titled ‘what guys look for in girls’ where he spoke about guys’ preferences when it comes to girls, there was an outrage and several people attacked him. The poet, Savannah, came out with this poem to describe her struggle with self-love and how she does not need anyone pointing out what she should look like. It got 5.5 million views and I honestly believe it deserves more.

Explaining My Depression To My Mother-Sabrina Benaim
Sabrina uses a variety of extraordinary metaphors and similes in this poem. She talks about her mother trying to help her but failing to understand what depression feels like exactly. It was viewed 50 million times and is included in her book ‘Depression and Other Magic Tricks”.

Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments section below!