For Those Suffering From Insomnia, Here’s How You Can Sleep Better

It’s 3AM and you can’t sleep? You’ve moved all over the bed looking for that perfect spot and it still doesn’t work? Sleep is our best friend; it helps our bodies and minds cope with the next, long day. Therefore, maintaining a good night sleep helps with literally everything.

So here are 8 things you need to try to fall asleep:

  1. Meditation:meditation-room.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart
    There are several meditation methods that can help you fall asleep. They range from certain exercises to the simplicity of forcing yourself to yawn. Scientists recommend meditation above any other methods, for its various ways and effectiveness. You could try visualizing your breath, aromatherapy. Also, listen to the softest, most calming music you can find. The internet is full of such playlists, and the previous meditation methods won’t take more than five minutes to knock you out.
  2. Warm Milk & Honey:giphy-downsized-large
    I know what you’re thinking: that’s lame. Truth is, warm milk and honey is one of the best ways to help you sleep like a baby. In addition to the immense cleansing and benefits you’ll gain while asleep, it will give you a calm, uninterrupted sleep.
  3. Stay away from your phone:giphy (15)
    Yes, this is something our parents always argue about. It’s true, and scientifically proven, as well. Phones charge the room with waves that interfere with brain’s ability to release the hormones that help you sleep. Although some people can sleep with their phones nearby, a study compared between those who sleep without it and those who sleep with it…guess who sleeps better? So, shut your phone off and shove it in a drawer away from you. If you need to wake up at a certain time, get an alarm clock!
  4. Take a warm shower:giphy (16)
    A warm, soothing shower before sleep is a heavenly way of sinking deeper. Moreover, it’d be best to use a soap that smells of lavender, honey or a sweet relaxing scent. Massaging your scalp gently, but also firmly, helps release tension from your body. Make sure to dry your hair well to avoid getting sick.
  5. Don’t eat anything before going to sleep:giphy (19)
    The most common mistake that prevents a good night sleep. Do not eat anything, no matter how light or “healthy” before bedtime. The time separating your last meal from your sleep should be at least 3 hours long. Also, avoid heavy dinners; they take too long to digest and trouble the tummy while you sleep.
  6. Read a book:giphy (20)
    If you can’t sleep…read a book! Under soft, dim lights with a lovely work of fiction in your hands, sleep will sneak up on you faster than you think.
  7. Drink water first thing in the morning:giphy (21)
    You ask how this helps with night sleep? Well, it’s scientifically proven that drinking water first thing in the morning detoxes your body and thus, stabilizes it. Add a squeeze of lemon to that glass of water to rid yourself of more toxics and get a cleaner mouth. If you start your day right, you’ll sleep better at night.

In order to sleep better, everything else you do during the day counts. You see, falling asleep can be so easy if you take care of your body.