The impact of social media making everything become a copy of a copy of a copy.

Can we deny the fact that social media is having a crucial effect on our lives? Of course not. It didn’t only have an effect of our ways of interacting, but also on our lifestyle.

In the past two years, social media has obliged everyone to become so different, so different to the point that all of those people have become the same. I ask myself at certain points: has it always been like this? Or are these social media platforms transforming us into real, human robots?

It is impacting people to the point that everyone wants to become a photographer, a writer, an artist or a filmmaker. They all have become something that requires a lot of potential, even those who have no talent seek it. And all of this returns to the fact that they want to gain respect in their circle, to be addressed as “ambitious”. Because if you do not seek one of those 4 things today, you’ll be considered an average person, and it’s rare when someone will get curious for real to know you.

I’m not saying that seeking these 4 professions is a bad thing, but people are actually stopping to dream for themselves instead of trying to fit into lifestyles that will make people get impressed. There are people who consider one or more of these 4 professions a dream, and they work hard on them until they become very distinctive in the art they show to the world, but others are all the same. They’re taking the meaning of art for granted, and instead of being a noble pursuit, it has become much more of a trend.

The platforms of social have helped us all to make some aspects of our lives better, but others are just losing their value.