2017 Fashion Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not This Year.

Fashion trends are the only thing that comes up half a season before you try it, something new and exotic comes up, everyone starts to make fun out of it, then all of a sudden couple of months later everyone is having it on and out of the blue It’s a trend once again. It keeps on going with the same sequence and the cycle never ends. So here are some latest 2017 fashion trends that we all gonna make fun of then trying it couple of months later:

  1. Clothes:


Khaki has been taking over for a while, from khaki pants, skinnies all the way to khaki coats and bags. The color is still making it up to 2017 with its utilitarian material work and redefining street wear, here are some spring khaki coats:


#Shades of Yellow:

We all do remember yellow as the cheerful color we used to love in our childhood that we suddenly hate for no reason when we grow up. Well the cheery shades of yellow are back and surprisingly it’s one of the rare colors that looks awesome no matter your skin tone, here are some samples:


Stripes are the boss, why? When you get to wear striped chemise on you don’t put on any accessories cause basically, stripes are the boss! They make everything and anything look so adorable and this year’s trends are banker stripes and rainbow stripes that comes in every color, shape and form:


#The one shoulder:

It’s somehow an ancient trend from the 70’s that survived and made it to 2017 once again but with different variations and exotic colors, from single shoulder cut out to the new trend, flash dance shoulder  that has been designed advantageously to give a maximum impact:


#Trench coat:

Taking the baggy fabric, loose fitting to a whole other level, from meh to major! Meet the new big buckles trench coat:




Suffocating yourself is the newest 2017 trend, surprised? Us too.



#Fishnet tights:

Stylish or slutty? That trend divided people into two sides so which side do you think you’re in?

#Sexy athleisure:

They are sporty separates and skimming knits that wonderfully outlines every curve you have:





#Pyjama trend:

It’s a trend we’re very glad to see! With those silken fabrics, loosely cut pants that makes you feel physically comfortable. Thanks to Gucci, Piamita & FRS you can now rock a stylish chic Pj:

#Mix and match trend:

All you need is a strict color palette that will help you see all those un-matching colors clearer  plus accessorizing to the max and you’re perfect to go:




#Chunky ‘90s inspired flatforms:

Those flatforms are for girls who loves the height but hates the heels, they’re iconic, cute, kind of ugly -still cute-. Steve Madden revived the style of Larisa Oleynik  in 10 things I hate about you once again:


#Next level black heel:

They are the strongest 2017 trend that your feet will probably thank you for,  they come in various colors so instead of sticking to the basic go with metallic, bright and plaids. It can be used day and night too!



#Fancy Flats:

You’ll never have to struggle through beach weddings or outdoor parties again with those flats:


#Logo polo slides:

Yes you recognized them right, they’re those popular shoes in middle school but they’re back with high spin. Gucci, Chanel and Vuitton are taking over the trend. Also, Fila & Adidas are holding it down:


#Twinkle toes:

Cause who needs ruby slippers when you can have crystal covered boots from Saint – Laurent , Dolce & Gabbana or Calvin Klein:



III. Accessories:

#XXXXL Bags:

They’re big with an exaggerated degree so they basically hold anything and everything  -You still can’t carry your boyfriend in it though-:



#Over the top earrings:

 They are as exaggerated as the bags before them! Alexander McQueen , Balenciaga , Celine and Fendi are rocking the trend with their collection:


#Hat tricks:

Coach , Christian Dior , Gucci and Prada are re-inventing hats once again:

#Talismanic jewelry:

They’re on the catwalks nowadays specially Prada shell necklaces, Christian Dior and Missoni:

#Itsy-bitsy bags:

 When your Iphone is getting bigger and your bag is shrinking that’s when you know you’re in 2k17!

#Puff pieces:

Those warm and fuzzy fur ball –no I’m not talking about cats- are now used on bags, shoes and even your phone cover:

#Statement baubles:

 They’re collarbone hitting necklaces that took over the chokers trend with their bonus high shine and crystals:

IV.Hair ties:

#Head bands:

 The new bejeweled head bands by Mary Katrantzou are on fleek! Of course not to forget Elie Saab’s double bands and golden stars:

#Pining for hairpins:

Despite of their small size, they give a sophisticated glamorous look! Fendi’s new collection have that playful touch where they can be squared, round, pointed and with contrasting colors:


#Floral hair accessories: 

They made flowers as a key part of spring 2017 trends. At Rossie Assoulin show, She sprinkled dried flower petals through models hair to give them that free-spirit wild look:


#Bandanas & Head wraps:

 Fearless bandanas and a buzz-off attitude, that’s what they are! At Armani, full head wraps matching the outfits are the key to that bohemian style:


#Pretty ribbons:

 Small subtle touch is a grand gesture! Those adorable ribbons can be used to secure ponytails; they also provide that lovely look no matter what:


V.Nail polish:


A sheer wash of gray at the tips actually looks delicate like they’d been dipped in petroleum. Pastel gray with lavender tone and a lighter end of spectrum are also a thing. Finally, the two-toned nails (Black/Pewter)


#Soft Pink:

 Baby pink mixed with burnished gold for an awesome adorable look; Cloudy pink is perfect if you want something feminine but low-key.


#Moody metallic: 

They are girly in all the right ways and oh, perfect for all the Gemini’s out there!


#The grungy smeared silver manicure: 

Tried to paint your nails and somehow you failed? No worries, cause it’s 2017 newest trend now:



#New neutrals:

Elegant, simple and gives that trendy-dazzling final look:

Now that you’ve seen everything, tell us what you’re willing to try and what you’d never put on in the comments section below!