Will Affleck Hang His Batman Cape and Cowl For Another Wayne?

Rumors have been spreading for while now about Ben Affleck and whether he’s going to be starring the Batman in the coming DCEU movies or not. The rumors come after the unexpected errrr… “success” of the movies DCEU have released so far, but until now Ben has been denying those rumors and assuring us that he won’t be leaving his position as Batman, but apparently his brother doesn’t think so.

Casey Affleck was on a radio interview and when asked about his brother, he first said that he thinks his brother won’t be playing Batman after the Justice League movie that is to be released in November 2017.

“He was great. He’s a hero so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not gonna do that movie, I don’t think.”

But then it looks like he realized what he had just said because in a matter of seconds he was saying that he was just making that up. Casey talked and question marks have been rising everywhere since then. What could this mean? Is Ben actually going to hang is cape for another Bruce Wayne to come and take his place in the coming movies, or was Casey really making it up? Or maybe it could be something else, something completely different. Maybe Casey was actually planning for this question and it wasn’t that spontaneous at all.

I have a theory about it (kind of a spoiler ahead), and it could be nothing but for all we know, nothing is yet confirmed. What if Casey wasn’t talking about “The Batman” movie after all? What if he was talking about the other movie that is planned to be released in 2020; Flashpoint? Any fan of the DCEU will know that in the Flashpoint: Paradox comic books/movie, Batman is a little bit different as the person under the mask is not Bruce Wayne as we’re used to, but it’s actually his father Thomas Wayne. There are some more differences between our timeline’s Batman and Flashpoint’s Batman that I’m sure a lot of you may already know but let’s not spoil the surprises and the twists for those who don’t. So, could Casey mean that when he said “he’s not gonna do that movie”? Could he be talking about Flash’s new movie and not giving that much details to raise suspense about the future of such an important character?

It’s just my own theory though and until anything is confirmed, we’ll just have to keep making theories about it. You can listen to the video yourself below (skip to 6:00) and see which theory you think is true or maybe even make your own theory about it.

Leave us your comments and tell us what you think is going to be the future of Batman.