Thanks to Social Media, This Girl Knows That Her Fiancee is a Cheater

A girl can always ask her best friend for a relationship advice or ask her to spy on someone that she has a crush on and in minutes she gets every piece of information about his life, because who runs the world?

But this time we have a very different situation that took girls power into a whole new level. The story started when Hasnaa El-Debawy posted a message to a girl named Aya saying that she overheard her fiancee and a girl named Riham plotting how he’ll leave Aya for Reham after taking 15,000 EGP from her.

The post went viral, it was even posted by Al-Masry Al-Youm

And later on, the post found its way to Aya. According to a post by her friend, Aya broke off the engagement and is now plotting her revenge.


If the whole thing is true, well, I hope that Aya gives her ex-fiancee and his cheater girlfriend an unforgettable lesson.

I think that after this situation, a guy will think twice before cheating on an Egyptian Girl.