Real Madrid and Barcelona’s Rivalry: The Switching Roles in La Liga

La Liga has been going through a roller coaster for the past decades, since they welcomed a new rivalry in 1943 that made them walk straight to Football history books that will never die. Barca-Real Madrid’s historical rivalry will never have an end; this is no Italian rivalry that appears for a couple of years and fade, nor an English one that includes more than two glories. This one is different and for the next couple of years we will be expecting a change of roles in Barca and Real Madrid’s football techniques.

“Why Asensio is the next Messi”

While the entire world kept searching for the next Messi in Barcelona’s new signings, looks like we’ve all been looking in the wrong direction. Marco Asensio, the 21-year-old boy who’s been given the scope for a first team player since last season, the wonder kid whose been turning all the spots on him, this boy will be the next Messi and mark my words. On his first 5 debuts with the Whites, he successfully reached the net with at least one goal at the UEFA Super Cup, La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey and now Spanish Super Cup. Take a look back, a bit further, 13 years ago where Messi made his Clasico debut and scored a hattrick, he was the youngest ever scorer for the club when he played his first game (17). Different skills, runs and use of the ball but a star was expected to shine years ago and seems like Messi’s star is a 13-year-cycle that appears in the Football realm for the second time this year.

“Why Zidane is the next Guardiola”

The two clubs taught us that a player who once kicked the ball for the club, wore their colors and his first journey in managing career was with them; would be the best choice for a new manager. Guardiola who joined La Masia at the age of 13 and left for more challenges in the Serie A, was back to the club as their new assigned manager by Joan Laporta in 2008 and stayed till 2011; achieving 14 out of 16 titles for the club. On the other side of the league is Zidane who joined the club in 2001 and stayed 5 years where he built his own legacy there, now with only staying 2 seasons as their manager, he’s already brought 2 Champions League trophies to the club in two consecutive seasons, a Liga title, FIFA Club World Cup, 2 UEFA Super Cups and finally the Super Coupa de España . Both managers will leave a lasting footprint on the fields and have already sowed seeds of success and glory that will probably stay with the clubs forever.

Just when you get to see the confusion of all other opponents that visit the Camp Nou/Bernabeu and watch a class level on the field or even watch both of them meet at a Classico and see how tense things can go, and by the end of the day you call the winner the best club ever; a title that the other team will get sooner than you think. Real Madrid and Barcelona, the loveliest rivalry Football will ever greet.