12 Wardrobe Essentials For Every College Girl

Summer is about to end, which means it’s time to prepare that wardrobe with some on-duty outfits. So whether you’re a freshman, or returning back to college, we’ve made you a list of the clothing essentials you’ll need for your college wardrobe.

1. Basic Tops

On hot days, you’re going to need something easy and comfy. Basic and simple tops in any color will be there for you on a hard morning. Bring on different cuts; tank tops, V-necks and long sleeved.

2. Flannel Shirts

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A must-have! You can style them on different colored under-shirts, wear them buttoned up, opened or tied around the waist.

3. Denim Jackets

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Something you’ll need in both cold and hot days, can simply be styled and will give a chic addition to your casual look.

4. Cardigans

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It’s a necessity to own a couple of different cardigans in your college wardrobe for a fast but stylish morning.

5. Sneakers

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Slip on a pair of cool sneakers and make your moving day outfit instantly better and more comfy. Preferably a pair of white sneakers that can be styled with every and each casual outfit.

6. Backpacks

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Pack your books, and all the stuff you need in a backpack, and see how practical, stylish and easy for going.

7. Sweaters

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Who doesn’t believe that sweaters are the best thing about Autumn/Winter? Style yourself in (over-sized) sweater and a pair of jeans on a cold college day, and stay warm.

8. Sweatshirts

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Preferably for cold on-the-go and lazy kind of days.

9. Scarves

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Scarves do more than keep you warm; they can add a ton of personality to a look. Get yourself a couple of different scarves, and see how your outfits transform into stylish, instead of basic.

10. Beanies

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When preparing the wardrobe, just ensure you have a beanie or two (or twenty). These winter hats will help you get around on the very cold mornings, and they are an amazing way to completely change an outfit.

11. Cross-body Bags

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For someone who doesn’t like holding bags, cross-body bags are the answer! Wear it across to keep it securely attached to you, or simply sling it over your shoulder.

12. Flats


For those who aren’t fans of sneakers, flats are for you! Wear them around to class when the weather is warm, and make sure they’re comfy enough for a long day.

Being a college girl can make your life messy, but never your style. Make sure you have the must-have essentials, and just add to them whatever else you need. You can still look cute in a casual outfit, it just has to comfy and simple for a college day.