Egypt’s Most Expensive Burger Is Now Available and Here’s a List of Things That You Can do Instead of Buying It

No one could ever turn their away from the obvious increase in food prices that made every Egyptian foodie cry at some point, but nothing was still beyond our reach. Until this happened.

Aside from the fact that I envy the lives of cows now, this burger sounds like the thing I would ask my parents for as a graduation gift after I make them proud, if I ever do. (Tabzir ofar ya3ny bsara7a)

The burger is supposedly made from a kind of beef where the cows spend their lives drinking alcohol and getting massages to relieve stress and produce premium meat. To be honest I can’t imagine many people going there to get that Bazoka Burger, but I can imagine the publicity it could get them.

We were amazed by the price that we decided to see what a budget of 1500 EGP could get us aside from that burger.

6 days in a mid-range hotel in Dahab – 1500 EGP

Image result for Dahab

Braven speakers 105 – 1400 EGP

Fifa 18 for PS4 – 1400 EGP

A ski Egypt package including a discovery lesson, gloves and a locker for three times – 480 EGP

Image result for ski egypt

12 VIP tickets at the city stars cinema – 120 EGP

18 trips from Heliopolis to Maadi in Uber select cars ≃ 80 EGP


15 grand molten cakes with extra chocolate from House of Cocoa – 100 EGP

60 shawarma sandwiches ≃ 25 EGP

130 sundaes from Mcdonald’s – 11.5 EGP

27 dogy burgers from Food Gun – 54 EGP

We really can’t wait to see if someone is actually going to buy this burger and give us their opinion on it.