Curly Hair 101: How to Easily Rock Your Natural Curly Hair

With all those trendy hairstyles and easy straightening methods we run across almost every single day on Pinterest and stuff, getting back to your curl pattern is definitely much harder than it seems, for you might unintentionally end up looking like a hedgehog after stopping overusing chemicals and straightening techniques. So here are some tips to get back to the curl track!


  •  Get a trim

Straightening the crap out of your hair consecutively causes massive damages, and surely breakage is one of them! That’s why cutting of your damaged hair is considered to be the most essential and best tip to restore your natural curl pattern. Your hair will grow back quicker and healthier than ever because it’s no more weighed down by split ends.


  • Co-washing

Skipping shampoo was never the plan, but guess what! It’s applicable. Co-washing is a short for “conditioner-only washing”, means that you can skip the shampooing step and rely merely on using the conditioner because shampoo contains harsh ingredients that strip your hair of its natural oils. The result of co-washing is squeaky-clean hair which is absolutely easy to manage.


Avoid those with the “S”

When choosing a conditioner, make sure it’s silicon and sulfate/ surfactants free so as not to build up or weigh your hair down.


Never use a brush

Especially when your hair is soaking wet, that’s when it’s the most fragile, prone to damage and beyond repair. Brushes also put out the solidity of the curl, the thing you definitely don’t want to happen.


 Summertime kinkiness

Salty hair, but oops you care! It’s time to take good care of your curly strands, as salt water and chlorine can sorely cause absolute kinkiness and mess up your hair. Try to use serums and oils before hitting the beach or pool to prevent this mess.


Hair diffusers are magic!

A diffuser lets you dry your hair without damaging it unlike blow drying which ruin your hair clumps and you end up with a ball of frizz over your head. Diffusers allow your hair to dry faster, with less frizz and more volume with no disturbance to your natural curl pattern. A chance to get those gentle-convoluted curls!



So now you know that having a good curly hair day isn’t as easy as it seems, and getting your natural curl pattern back won’t take a day or two after all those years of straightning and chemical treatments, however those simple tips will work wonders for bouncier and fresher curls.