For all who fear commitment

Here’s to all who fear commitment. Here’s to all who have been pushed away and hurt badly by the people they’ve loved the most. Here’s to all who have been taken advantage of. Here’s to all who have been cheated on and lied to.
Here’s to all who can’t be committed to his life.

You’re not alone.

In 2012, 50 percent of all people around the world were considered as commitment phobic and with no doubts I think by now the percentage has increased. At some time, fear of commitment was somehow a trend but then it turned out to be a great fear that can’t be followed as a trend at all.

Why is it a great fear?

Most who fear commitment have been destroyed by the people they’ve loved the most; They’ve been lied to and cheated on. They’ve been pushed away by the people they’ve needed the most. They’ve been raised by parents who hate each other. They’ve been taken for guaranteed. However, some people fear commitment because they want to concentrate on themselves and their own lives and careers.

What’s the problem with being afraid of commitment?

Being afraid of getting committed will let you miss experiencing so many new feelings, will let you miss the beautiful feelings anyone gets when being in love.
Being afraid of getting committed will only fill your head with nightmares about relationships and dating. Being afraid of getting committed and pushing everyone that comes your way isn’t a solution. I know that it is your choice and I totally don’t mind, but before you choose to live on your own you must first fix yourself and forget about what have caused you this fear because at some point you’ll find yourself in love and being afraid to admit it.

What I have learned about fear of commitment is that it gives you nothing but stomachaches whenever you feel you’re getting to anyone. It gives you  nightmares and makes your mind full of toxic thoughts about dating. It gives you constant order which is pushing people away. It doesn’t help you avoid getting hurt. I know pretty well that forever doesn’t end up as the forever you’ve drawn in your mind. I know that most people are douches and make you regret the love you’ve given to them but still that doesn’t mean you forbid yourself from falling in love again and again because of two or three relationships that didn’t end up the way you want them to.

Not all people are like each other. Everyone is different than one another. Take risks. Experience new feelings. Fall in love and get hurt so you’d learn new stuff. Don’t stop because time is running and won’t wait for you. Don’t stop because 20 years from now you won’t regret that you’ve stopped and haven’t done anything. Finally, face your fears strongly and don’t give up on yourselves.