HBO Offers the Hackers $250,000 to Stop Future Leaks

HBO has been the target of a team of hackers over the past couple weeks. The attack on the company was huge. It compromised thousands of documents and unreleased episodes of several works. Works as Ballers, Room 104 and Insecure were leaked. In addition to the biggest strike: Game of Thrones. It veered into dangerous territory when HBO confirmed the hackers had personal information of its employees. HBO tried to contain the damage unsuccessfully. The hackers moved and leaked drafts of five episodes of GoT. Allegedly, they also threatened to leak personal information about the GoT stars. They also claimed they’ll reveal massive spoilers of the show.

Just recently, HBO agreed to pay $250,000 through a “white hat” program. However, the sum of money is way below what the hackers asked for. We fear it’ll provoke them rather than keep them satisfied for an amount of time enough for the cable network to find its way out of this. As the cable network sent this by email to the hackers, the fact that they leaked it shows their rejection of the mediocre offer.
HBO is stalling until they can figure out what to do, but the timing is horrible, since the parent company Warner Brother is in the process of merging with AT&T. It would create one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. Such a crisis among their possessions paints a bad image they don’t need.
Similar hacking and leaks had been present three years ago. The Sony leak was provoked by Seth Rogen & James Franco’s movie The interview. Apparently, the movie insulted North Korea’s leader and a team of hackers taught the company a lesson. They obtained personal information, emails that embarrassed many Hollywood players, and behind-the-scene troubles with the Spider-Man franchise. Moreover, they also got their hands on the runaway budget on Spectra.
What are HBO hackers’ motives? It’s clear they’re capable of huge damage, but how much are they going to inflict? HBO is doing its best and let’s hope it’s enough to end this crisis.