5 of The Best YouTube Channels That Provide Free Yoga Classes

Yoga is a mix of physical and spiritual practice that can help you focus, improve your health, relax and regulate your sleep.

If you are one of those who’ve always wanted to practice yoga but never did because of being too busy to start or found the classes too expensive, now you can check that off your list because we’ve got you covered.

We brought to you 5 of the best YouTube channels that provide free yoga classes which can help you start without leaving your bedroom.


1—Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is an actress, yoga instructor and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas who will help you start practicing moderate moves through her 31 days of yoga challenge.


Whether you are seeking yoga for relaxation, energy or even some fitness workouts for weight loss, you can find it on PsycheTruth.

3—Bad Yogi

Here’s a yoga channel that provides you with yoga sessions and lifestyle tips. It also has a 4 week yoga challenge.

4—Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah’s Channel will definitely help you as a beginner through her 15 minutes videos that vary from bedtime to morning yoga and can challenge you through her 7-day yoga challenge.

5— Live strong woman

If you are a very busy woman and doesn’t have time to practice, then live strong woman is your choice as they offer 12-minute-or-less videos. It has a huge variety of yoga sessions for your varying needs, it even has a video that contains yoga moves you can do in bed.


What we mentioned are just 5 channels for you to begin with but Youtube has hundreds of great channels that can definitely help you. Now all you have to do is  dress up in something comfy and press the play button.