How I Met Your Mother’s Spinoff Will Start From Scratch

We’d heard news over the past few years about a spinoff of the famous sitcom How I Met Your Mother, but previous attempts have either been leaked, weak or just not good enough. Now, 20th Century Fox is bringing us a spinoff starting from the very beginning.

The spinoff, How I Met Your Father, is the third attempt to  follow-up the success of the famous sitcom. There’s been a How I Met Your Dad spinoff about 3 years ago, but it fell through. Now 20th Century Fox is ready to move forward with this one. It remains unknown whether it’ll air on CBS or not.

The company is hoping to develop the series potentially for next season. Fox‘s chairman Dana Walden described the plans for the newest spinoff to Deadline: “They will be starting from scratch. …It’s one that’s been slowly cooked. If it’s the right idea, the right execution, we’ll take that.”

However, it’s likely that HIMYD will be entirely different. It would not feature the original characters from HIMYM and will instead focus on a new cast, while keeping the same storytelling format. It seems like a successful structure for 20th Century Fox. But honestly, we’re not sure how we feel about a new cast.

It’s a risk to create a spinoff with an entire different cast, considering how HIMYM‘s fans are loyal to it. But the last memory we have of HYMYM is its finale and it might give Fox just the number of audience they need. We loved the cast for their brilliant acting. A new cast will face the pressure of trying to compete with that.

Regardless, it seems Fox knows what they’re doing, and are willing to take the risk to bring us a spinoff that might live up to our expectations. After all, they could’ve picked a worse show to emulate with a fresh idea.