20 Dumbest things that all vegetarians NEVER want to hear

Being unique or different in an Eastern region is probably a disaster and an unlikely event to happen, so imagine when you’re different with the only thing they care about so much, FOOD!

You’ll probably turn to be the trend, the spotlights are all on you and what you eat.

Although being a vegetarian is completely normal and healthy, you’re gonna be treated like a sick one no matter how many times you’ve said that it’s completely healthy. Thinking about showing them some online researches about that? Forget about it, it’s gonna be even worse cause all you’ll be listening to is “Not everything on the internet is worth believing”

We’ve all gone through lots of issues, from social issues up to food issues of course. It just varies from you almost eating a pepperoni pizza without noticing, to having debates trying to convince meat lovers you’re okay not eating meat. They’re all equally annoying .What you’re going to read are just a few struggles that I repeatedly faced as a vegetarian and I’m sure I am not the only one.

1.When everyone is suddenly an expert nutritionist:

Or we could say when nobody believing you’re getting enough protein, so you must be a weak, tired zombie, a hopeless romantic, the reason why you’re still single or it might be the reason why there are political crisis.

2.You yourself turn to be a nutritionist:

No matter how many times you talk about beans, hummus, mushrooms, spinach, tofu or even peanut butter, you’re still forced  to hear the same question only moments later –if they’ve even gave you enough time to state your alternatives-

3.Here comes the fun part:

if you want to spice things up and historically laugh just tell them ‘I don’t eat protein.” and I can almost hardly guarantee that the Doctors show is gonna start right in front of you, cause they’re nutrition experts after all aren’t they?

4.It’s not all salads, guys, we can assure you that:

We do have lots of really delicious food that you probably won’t like and it’s okay cause we don’t like your food either so I won’t expect you to like my vegetarian burger, quinoa salad or vegetarian fried rice noodles.

5.when you’re out in a gathering and all the meat eaters eat your veggies appetizers yet they insist on splitting the bill evenly:


6.The amount of times I’m asked if it’s okay to eat meat in front of me:

If I had a cent for every time someone asked me if it was okay to eat meat in front of me, I’d be one hell of a rich girl.


7.When stuffed mushrooms/peppers are the only vegetarian option on menu:

How awesome is it to have limited options cause who even cares about you or your vegetarian food?


8.You’re eating animals food:

Talk about how vegetarians are killing plants or even consuming animals food one more time and I will leave the room. For the love of all sanity out there, please don’t start this with a vegetarian.


9.I stopped eating meat but I DID NOT BAN ANYONE FROM EATING IT:

People just don’t understand that you can be a vegetarian for reasons other than “loving animals.” I stopped eating meat because I didn’t feel good eating it, not because I’m opposing religion or even worse when someone thinks I’m just banning myself from eating it, like seriously? why would I even do so? Is that the part where I starve myself to death and die lonely?


10.That one famous question of you eat fish though, right? or you could still eat seafood?

As if they’re not counted as animal protein still.


11.Just pick it out:

That one precious moment when you’ve decided to settle down for less yet you still don’t get it so you order Caesar Salad without chicken and BAAAM the waiter kinda feels pity for you and decided not to care about you ordering it “without chicken” and if you dared to change it you’re gonna hear the traditional saying of “Can’t you just pick the meat out?”


12.The continuous dares you’re asked to do:

I dare you to try that teeny tiny slice of chicken, eat that piece of meat and I’m gonna pay the bill, would you eat that salmon steak for a thousand dollars? And oh you know what?  The answer to all of that is a one fat big NO.


13.Being told “if you’re stuck on an island and you have nothing to eat but meat what would you do?”

That question is silly in every single possible way, like what on earth could happen to force me stay up all alone by myself on an Island? Is it like an exotic surprise party? Or have I been chosen by God to be the only Immortal person who stays on earth after you all just disappear?


14.The world’s disbelief that you can live without steak:

I, a normal human being honestly declare that I’ve never tried a steak before and guess what? I’m still alive! Surprise isn’t it?


15.The amount of times I get to hear “so yeah you’re on a diet”:

Since I’ve failed trying to convince people that I’m not on a diet, so okay I’m doing that because I wanna lose weight. If that’s what you wanna hear, so let it be. Satisfied now?

16.Parents in Panic:

Get ready to see everything that happens to you related to being vegetarian!

-Hey mom, I failed my maths test..

-OMG! See, that’s because you don’t eat meat.

=Hey dad, I made an accident down the road and I need you to come

=How many times have I told you eat seafood cause vividly that’s what prevents accidents.

Makes sense to you, doesn’t it?


17.But Shawerma?:

I really do appreciate your love towards shawarma but I just don’t like it, I don’t even like the Toumeya.

18.The struggle of “3ouzomat”:

Basically people who don’t know you will just think that you’re a freaky type of person who’s picky and doesn’t like their food, later on they’ll cope with the fact that you just don’t eat meat or anything that involves it. They might as well ask you to get you own food with you next time cause they’re just fed up of doing the same salad for you every time -little do they know that the feelings are mutual-


19.Having to make sure that they don’t use meat sauce in anything especially Italian restaurants:

As we all know Italians profoundly rely on meat in most of their recipes. So continuously having to make sure that what’ve ordered doesn’t involve meat stuff is annoying. Seriously annoying.


20.When your only food option to grab on the go consists of an unreasonable amount of carbs:

Sometimes when you’re on a rush your choices aren’t the healthiest thing ever and when you think you’ve finally found that easy grab you’ve been looking for, you’ll be surprised by the amount of carbs. So just make sure you’re not one of the vegetarians who live on pizzas and stuff like that.


Just a friendly reminder, yes, we get enough protein.