Hopes for Bungee Jumping to Return to Egypt Fading Away After Bungy Egypt’s Latest Post

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who’s stuck in Egypt, you’ve probably experienced this situation: You hear that Egypt has a place for bungee jumping in Egyptian’s favorite spot, Sahel. You get super excited and start planning for your leap of faith, only to discover that Bungy Egypt does actually exist but they moved to Portugal a couple of years ago. Yeah, quite disappointing!

There’s a post for Bungy Egypt on Facebook, explaining why they left and never came back. According to their Facebook page, they had a perfect spot in Ein El-Sokhna but the place wanted to charge them 500 Euros per day! Of course it would be impossible for the team to cover that amount of money from people coming to jump and by, the reason why they had no other option except to leave the country and head to Portugal.

“It is near sighted and narrow minded as we would have to attract tens of thousands of people to that area and everyone would have benefited. Not to mention the international exposure.” Bungy Egypt explained that there were only 5 water touch jump sites in the world and luckily they were one of them and their presence in Egypt in Ein El-Sokhna – a place less than an hour away from Cairo – would mean that they would be a center for adventurous tourists all over the world, or as they said it, a World Class Extreme Sport Destination“.

We really wish Bungy Egypt would find a way to come back without having to make the jump worth 1K+ EGP. It would benefit Egyptians, tourists, the land owners and the country itself and everyone would walk out happy.