Parkour; If You Didn’t Hear About It Before, Here Are Some Info That Will Help.

One of the hardest things in Egypt is to be different. We can say that it’s not easily acceptable. Yet, parkour is completely based on being different and unique, making your own style and always trying to be creative.

It’s okay if you don’t know what parkour is or don’t know a lot about it so let me give you some information.

Parkour is a sport that depends on overcoming obstacles, and not only the physical ones but also the mental ones. It can be defined as reaching from point a to point b in the fastest, safest way with style.You can define parkour the way you feel it, so it has an unlimited number of definitions.

David Belle is considered the founder of parkour. He started with gymnastics and athletics when he was younger then he heard about parkour from his father and knew that parkour was used for military purposes. He loved the idea and started training on his own, and hence it started to spread.

Some athletes started doing parkour in Egypt in 2005 and started to form groups in 2008, now there’s a quite big number of people in Egypt who do parkour.

Tracuers is the name given to athletes who do parkour. Being a girl doesn’t make it any harder to be a tracuer; it’s about our minds not our gender or anything else. Anyone can do parkour you just need to believe that you can.

Some people think it’s risky because they only see professional tracuers performing moves they worked on for a long time, so it’s not that risky as we start everything with baby steps.

A glimpse of what tracuers do:

It can be said that parkour has widely spread in the last couple of years in Egypt, so if you’re interested in it you can go and check one of these pages to put you on the track.

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