5 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You See Egypt Differently

Unlike what you may think, this article is not about photography. Well, it’s partially about photography but not entirely. It’s about people who know how to make you see something you never saw before in this country, people who you can get lost in the beauty or excitement of their instagram accounts for hours without even noticing!

Haya Khairat – hayawkhairat

It was a conversation I would’ve loved to have with you.

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Haya is originally a filmmaker which explains why every single shot she takes look very cinematic. This one can tell stories through her instagram pictures, and it’s always magical.

Khaled Morshedy – kmorshedy

His videos always leave me wanting to just pack my bag and hit the road to whatever destination that would be that beautiful. What I love about this account is that it doesn’t only show you static pictures of a beautiful place, I love how he shows activities and action as well!


Mazen Yassen – justagoproer

This one shares experience rather than scenery only. He shares everything starting from making his omelette to climbing mountains on instastories and personally, I enjoy this very much!

Hana – hanaperlas

What you seek is seeking you.

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If I am to use one word to describe this account, I’d definitely go with mesmerizing. The pictures showing Egyptians and the oriental streets, the kids, the old people and the dancers, everything about Hana’s shots is considered art.

Taimour Othman – taimouro

Founder of #ThisIsEgypt and #RoamEgypt, which explains why his account shows you Egypt differently. Everything about his pictures makes me feel like I’m missing out on the beauty of this country, no matter where you went or what you did, he knows how to magnify its beauty through his camera lens.