Minister of Education Confirmed the Cancellation of Primary Certificate and the End of Thanaweya Amma

Earlier this week, Egyptian Minister of Education announced huge changes in the whole educational system. With over 20 changes taking place next year, the most important two were the cancellation of primary school certificate which was obtained after 6th grade and replacing Thanaweya 3amma with the new system called Shehadet Masr (Certificate of Egypt).

According to the new system, students will get an accumulative grade over 3 years rather than depending fully on one final exams. Grades will be distributed on practical projects and final MCQ exams, and the whole grading process will be computerized to eliminate the errors that came from the human factor in the past years.

While this seems promising, specifically after the minister announced that private tutoring won’t be necessary any longer due to the new system, we truly hope that the implementation succeeds in completely eliminating our outdated system and that students can actually see a positive change!