Hend Abdel Sattar; The First Egyptian Woman To Imprison her Harasser for 5 Years

History has been made by this young Egyptian woman, Hend Abdel Sattar, who became the first woman to get her harasser imprisoned for 5 years.

Hend is a 29-year-old assistant director, her story began last September when she was harassed in Helwan by a toktok driver. After she was inappropriately touched, Hend reached out for her phone and took a picture of the license plate number and she headed to Helwan’s police station to file a report.

While this is a great day for every woman and respectful man, and even after the court had said its word, some people still find that the whole incident is Hend’s fault! After Youm7 posted the news on their Facebook page, the comments section immediately went on fire by people who sympathize with the harasser and blame the victim!

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If the way she’s dressed is the problem -regardless of how none of those who commented saw how she was dressed on the day the incident took place-, can someone please explain why kids get raped daily and why niqabis covered from head to toe get harassed and even raped as well? Would they justify the same act if it was there sister, mother, wife or daughter in the same situation or would they just force her to shut up to avoid “the scandal”?

Hend opened up to Youm7 and stated that her family’s support to speak up for her right and the media exposure are what made her come to this today, and we truly hope that every Egyptian family would do the same, because only when harassers get what they deserve, only when they see that punishment is real, they would stop and the streets would be safe for women again.

May this be the first of many cases we write about in the future, may every woman shout for her rights and may all harassers receive the punishments they deserve.