It’s Wedding Season, And Here’s The Style Trends For You To Look Your Best

It’s Wedding Season, and who doesn’t get invited to tons of weddings ever since the end of Ramadan, till the end of September? Of course it’s always a struggle to know what to wear, and to choose the style, the color, the perfect fit and sticking to the trend! For this, we’ve got you the trending styles to help you choose the look, and actually look your absolute best.

Crop Tops


It’s also known as “Two-piece”. It’s been trending for a while, inspired by the Sherri Hill runway, and was all over this year’s prom dresses. It’s definitely the time of crop tops, so start working out on those abs, and rock those two pieces!

The High Slit


Give your dress a high slit and a fierce look. It’s been trending since as long as I can remember, but it never gets old.



Yes, you do not have to wear a dress to a wedding. A formal jumpsuit, a pair of heels and a clutch are everything you need to make a chic appearance to a wedding. Whether you’d go for a wide leg or slim one, this style is definitely a killer!

Jumpsuit-Dress Thing


Tired of dresses? Not so sure about a jumpsuit? This is it!! You’ll get the comfort of a jumpsuit, the elegance of a dress train, and you will slay with that new trend. Highly recommended for Hijabis, too.

The 50’s Look



We’re not seeing this vintage look fade anytime soon. Those Cinderella’s vibes will make you feel like a princess, and for those who love to appear simply dressed.

Sparkles and Sequins


Your dress can be sparkly with sequins, and you can still be simple. A small amount of sequins won’t make you feel so overdressed, but it would definitely help your look standout.

There’s no end to the styles, and there are hundreds of trends everyday. Try the new styles, get dressed in the newest trends, and even create your own. Just don’t forget to be confident, and enjoy that wedding season, regardless of the million times you will be told “3o2bal ma nefra7 beky”