An Open Letter to My Suicidal Friend

This is an open letter to all my friends out there who sometimes think of hurting themselves in any way possible. If you cut yourself, beat yourself, burn yourself or do any other kind of physical harm to your body or even just think about it, then this letter is for you. We may or may not know each other, but if you ever get suicidal thoughts when life gets hard with you, then this letter is for you.

First of all you should know that it’s ok to feel bad, to lose all hope and ability to see a meaning or a purpose to life. It happens to me too and actually, I think it happens to everyone. But tell me, do you really think that this is reason is enough for you to lose something as precious as life? Don’t answer this question, just hear me out.

You need to know that eventually, all the troubles go away. Whether it’s the guilt that brought you here or maybe you don’t feel loved by anyone, the fact that you’ve gone through all those hard times alone or whatever it is that brought you to this moment, it will pass. It always does. I don’t know your story or why you’re thinking about this, but I know that the world will never be the same without you; you’ll change lives and break hearts, you’re important and unlike what you try to tell yourself, nobody will ever get over it.

I understand that your depression is real, but look at the small pleasures in life, the happy moments that we all feel regardless of all the troubles we face. Do you really wish for all of this to end? Don’t you want to be able to have some more pizza? To listen to your favorite band live in a concert? To go have a picture leaning on the Leaning Tower of Pisa? To find the love of your life; someone who is willing to be as crazy as you? To have your first kiss? To grow old and have your first baby? Do you really want to miss all of this? All of the laughter, the crying, the arguing and the happy tearing? Are you willing to give all of this up? Aren’t you just a little fascinated by the idea of swimming next to fish with colours that you never knew they existed?

I know that life gets hard sometimes, but there’s hope, there’s always hope. I’m sure that you’re familiar with the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘ and I’m pretty sure you know that it’s based on a true story. The guy’s life was a total mess, I don’t know how could anyone ever be able to survive a life like this, but Chris Gardner was able to do it because he knew how valuable life is and he didn’t give up on it.  And if Oprah could survive being raped and getting pregnant as a kid, losing her sister to adoption and her brother to AIDS, then you can survive too.

I end my letter to you by a short story of a king who gathered all his wise advisors and asked them to bring him a ring that he would look at whenever he’s happy to make him sad, and look at whenever he’s sad to make him happy. They made him a ring with the most powerful message ever. They wrote ‘Nothing Lasts’…

Just remember that the world would never be the same without you, and it definitely won’t be any better. Stay strong and make the world a better place.