Egyptian Achievements at the FINA World Championship

Written By: Farah Hatem

The 17th FINA (International Swimming Federation) world championship is taking place in Budapest, Hungary from 14 – 30th of July, 2017. In a society that only ever cares about football championships or the Olympics, it’s obvious why no one has been talking about it.

Several swimmers from the Egyptian team are doing very well in the championship. According to the Egyptian Swimming Federation, the Egyptian team got the 13th position in the world in the Men 200 x 4 Freestyle Relay. They also got the 15th position in the Men 100 x 4 Freestyle Relay.

Our very own Marwan Elkamash got the 9th position in the Men 400m freestyle. Ahmad Akram also got the 9th position in the Men 800m freestyle. Moreover, Mohamed Khaled Hussein was able to get the 17th position in the Men 200 Medley. Ali Mahmoud Khalafalla got the 18th position in the Men 50m freestyle.

Furthermore, Mohamed Samy was able to break an Egyptian record for the Men 100m Freestyle, achieving the 32nd position out of 113 positions. Marwan Elkamash got the 1st position in his Heat group and moved onto the semi final while breaking a new Egyptian record for the Men 200m Freestyle. It’s quite noticeable that Youssef Elkamash has conquered several positions too; the 31st in the Men 200m Breaststroke, the 27th in the Men 50m Breaststroke, the 33rd in the 100m Breaststroke.

On the other hand, the swimmer that represents women power, Farida Osman, didn’t let us down in this championship -or ever-. She got the 25th position in the Women 100m Freestyle, the 17th position in the 100m Butterfly. She also got the 5th Repeated in the Women 50m Butterfly, a position that got her to be the first Egyptian female swimmer to reach the semi finals in the Women 50m Butterfly, shortly after that she reached the finals and broke Egyptian and African World Records.

It’s quite sad how Egyptians are preoccupied with everything other than these achievements, but we wish those champions the best of luck!