Employees at Nubia Museum Tried to Steal A Statue of Goddess Isis

Our culture and treasures have always been targeted for money; that was exactly the case yesterday in the Nubia museum, as it appears two of the employees, along with a third partner, attempted to steal one of the museum’s valuable antiques. The target was a statue of the Goddess Isis.

With the help of other employees and a footage from the security cameras, the statue remained untouched. One of the thieves was caught after the Tourism and Antiques authority had been informed, and put into custody, while the others fled. Police are still searching for the other suspects, according to the museum’s management.
There’s a saying that fits such incident, especially when the criminal is supposed to be the protector or, at least, honest at their jobs—the fox is guarding the hen’s house. We can see how bizarre the incident is, and we hope the authorities will always succeed in protecting our culture and history.