Will gender equality and women empowerment ever take place in the world?

In case you don’t know what’s gender equality and women empowerment, gender equality is the ease of access resources and opportunities to both genders equally and with no discrimination or bias, while women empowerment is empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors which is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

Last Sunday a women called Taghreed Abd El-Rahman, a mother and an actress, uploaded a video that went viral on Facebook saying that she got beaten by a man for riding a bike. Yes, for riding a bike. She stated that she got beaten by her neighbour because he did not like her actions. Her actions are returning from her work late and riding a bike. Are these two actions considered as law-breaker or unethical and provocative? Or is it just that women are not allowed to live the way they want?

In the past few years women have been fighting eagerly for their rights and so many organizations rose up to help women get their rights but still so many countries haven’t admitted that women’s rights are not a basic want but instead it’s an important need for every woman for them to guarantee a stable life without facing so many obstacles in their life because they are WOMEN. In addition, so many Arab countries still consider men stronger and smarter than women and are able to work any kind of job no matter how hard it is and therefore women have limited jobs. Years been passing by and the world has been getting more advanced and still some people think women are not good as men, How pathetic!

Here in Egypt, the woman who doesn’t get married by the age of 30 is considered a 3anes. The woman who gets raped or harassed gets blamed for it instead of actually punishing who did that to her. The woman who isn’t a virgin because she was born with a broken hymen and gets many evidences that she was born that way, her husband divorces her and tells everybody that she’s a whore and other stuff. The woman who gives birth to a girl might end up being divorced or sometimes her husband would go marry another woman because he wants a boy. The woman would get beaten by her husband and instead of blaming him they blame her for provoking him or making him mad at her. Women would get forced to leave to leave their jobs by their husbands because their husbands want their wives to be always in need for them and always rely on them. Women would get humiliated if they asked for some extra things besides their basic needs. Women are forbidden to wear what they want by their husbands, brothers, and parents but at the same their husbands and brothers would be flirting with every woman wearing revealing clothes. Women would be forced to leave their job because of wearing hijab or else take it off during working hours in not lose their jobs. Women could be forced to leave education to get married. This list could go on forever.


What’s wrong with women having their rights? What’s wrong with men treating women as humans not as sex objects\slaves Why would a woman get beaten for doing what SHE wants? Why would women get blamed for what they were wearing when they got raped\harassed? It’s 2017 and women are still calling for their most basic human needs, will this ever stop?