Another Sequel in DC’s World: Suicide Squad 2 To Be Filmed Mid-2018

After the latest news about Wonder Woman’s possible sequel, Warner Brothers decided to move forward with filming a sequel for DC’s Suicide Squad, after rewriting the script.

Although Suicide Squad hadn’t received completely bright reviews, the movie had performed well at the box office with a total gross of over $700M worldwide. While it might’ve not been DC’s top star—with Wonder Woman’s international success—it was definitely worth watching.
As a result of its attainment, WB and DC are going forward with Task Force X into a new installment, but with a new director, as David Ayer chose not to shoot the sequel. Rumor has it that his decision was founded on some post-production friction between him and the studio. Regardless, Ayer’s quarrel with the studio doesn’t affect his commitment to Gotham City Sirens.

With WB’s production history of other DCEU movies, it’s likely that filming will start mid-2018, and the movie will hit the theaters by late 2019, but logistically in 2020. In any case, the sequel should arrive after three years of the first movie. It’s not too soon for our liking, but hopefully that means WB is going to give us a blockbuster.


And since the sequel is still in development, no perspective plot points whatsoever have been discovered so far. But it’s likely that Task Force X will kick ass, with hope to blow our minds. We also hope to see more of Jared Leto as The Joker, but no confirmation of his involvement has been announced.

DC appears to have their hands full, with anticipated five works in the next three years, along with Justice League’s close arrival in November.

We’re eager to see more of Suicide Squad, with faith in a better performance at the box office and much better reviews.