Sahel Life: 6ix Degrees Has Been Shut Down!

The annual phenomena has occurred, ladies and gentlemen!

People are freaking out over how summer has changed in Sahel throughout the past couple of years. The rant went so far to the extent that there has been spreading rumors that one of Egypt’s most famous Sahel venues, 6ix Degrees, has been shut down.

While we’re not sure if it’s only closed for this weekend or for the rest of summer, there has been many controversy over its acts this summer.

The word has spread that Sahel turned from being that cozy spot where you spend time with your family to a place where you’re always showing off something, whether it was your sexy bod, expensive outfits or your party animal side.

Some claim that they miss the old Sahel, back in the day when the mornings were all about spending 9 hours soaked in the beach with your aunties and uncles surrounding you and at night you’d spend it with your cousins playing cards or going to the movies.
Missing this is totally okay, I mean what’s wrong with a little nostalgia? What’s wrong is judging and disapproving how Sahel is right now.
What triggered the rant to be that heated this year is Cairo Zoom’s post of a picture at one of the huge Sahel parties which happened to include a stripping show.
That’s when the internet blew up, literally, blew up. People all over Egypt were so offended by what they’ve been seeing in Sahel and all the night shenanigans occurring there. The internet was filled up with more Sahel posts and videos in which they showed pictures of people partying (and allow us to say that by sharing these pictures you’re making more people exposed to the act) and almost everyone disapproved how such parties could be held in Egypt and the rest is history!
The point is, if you still want to go to Sahel to just chill with your family instead of spending it with your friends, do it. If you want to spend your day at the beach of the Qarya you’re staying at instead of going to Martins Beach or SOL Beach, do it. If you want to spend the night playing cards instead of going to 6IX Degrees or Tabla, do it. If you want to spend your vacay with flip-flops and some casual clothing instead of bringing out your inner fashionista, D.O I.T!
Do it how you want to do it. Respect both mentalities. Because Sahel isn’t the only thing that has changed over the last couple of years. And Egypt has been witnessing this type of night life a long while ago, it’s not only Sahel exclusive. Life is moving faster than you think, and maybe within the next ten years, Sahel would be so out of the game and summer would be all about… umm, the Maldives maybe?
Anyways, life is way too simple and short to waste it on writing long posts in which you judge how someone choose to spend their summer time in Sahel or anywhere else.

You don’t have to be with or against the current nightlife scene in Egypt to believe in freedom. Live your life the way that pleases you and let people do the same.