Dear Society

Dear society,
I don’t know if I should blame you for how I feel every single day, but there are things you gotta know: I am never that secure, strong or independent lady not because of me, I was not born insecure, I was made to be in various ways, here’s a random thread:

Those random erroneous uncorroborated ethics I grew up hearing which surprisingly spread among generations, not to mention the amount of times I had to hear “Huwa walad, enty bent” in every situation which all seem so pointless. I randomly asked one of my friends about how contradicting her parents can be and her answer was: “I was told not to go out because it was nine past thirty while my brother was getting ready right at the room next to me, without even getting to ask for permission.”

I am bagged on with labels -Skinny, fat, introvert, attention whore- for whatever I do,wear or even say, so what exactly am I supposed to be to please you? Aren’t I allowed to act myself in any single possible way? It can sometimes be applied to men as well, but there are vividly stark contrasts between terms used for men and those used for women in similar situations. Consider the difference between ‘old maid/ spinster‘ and ‘bachelor’

#Clothes Prohibition:
I can not wear what matches the weather as I’ve got very limited variations that shall appeal convenient to you. “I was being told to wear the right clothes at the right time, so how is it when it’s hot outside I still can’t feel safe wearing a summer romper dress or even allowed to?” Said one of the ladies when she was being questioned.

#Raping/Sexual harassment:
Of course I don’t need to talk much about that but let me instead put oneself in another’s shoes, Imagine a man being raped and the rapist is a girl who coldly said “His clothes were too revealing don’t blame it on me, ask your boys to dress appropriately.” Do you feel discriminated now? Congratulations cause that’s how every girl usually feels even if she wasn’t raped before.

Whether it’s a husband or parent violence, it is still one of the man causes of ruining much of women’s lives. “When you’re being abused by your parents, whether physical abusing or even over controlling in everything then your only way out -because of living in the middle east- is getting married even if you don’t love him or you don’t even know him enough but unfortunately you’ll end up being abused by your husband as well and the cycle never ends.” Said some girl; then another one added “I’m afraid of having a daughter because I don’t want that cycle to be continued.”

#Opinion imprisonment:
Simply, I don’t have the right to handle my own decisions, I’m not free to do what I want, It’s always no you can’t you’re a girl, when actually the thing I’m doing doesn’t matter if I’m a girl, boy or even a robot, but it’s always banned for girls totally accepted for boys” A woman said when questioned.

#One life, thousand controllers:
Everyone is basically intruding into your life, whether you like it or not, from what to wear, say, eat all the way to how you think! You’re always being spied by many and under control, everyone is waiting for a mistake you might.

#I’m not on the top of the priorities list:
The priority always goes to males, whether when to comes to work, decisions or any regular daily life-basis issues. “I’ve always had less salary than my male college next to me even though I sometimes do his work on his behalf.” Said a lady at work.

Those were some randoms reasons why I hate growing up in a society as discriminative as this, but where else could I probably be? When there’s an obstacle facing me as a girl in every single place on earth up until that day. How can I find some place where I don’t have to deal with all of the hypocrites who claim that women are just nagging about their rights? A place where I can safely settle down as safely as I can hang out in? Somewhere where people are living their lives and only their lives not taking the lead of others too.

I asked some ladies if they’ve got one thing to tell society and something they wish it would change and the answers were shocking:

“Being judgemental, I think respecting one another is a trait that people have lost throughout the years, and we’re in need of it right now.” -S.M

“Everything is wrong,people are so rude,I really wanna tell them read more about your relegion and just mind your own bussiness,leave everyone do whatever they want -mn gheir ma tohshoro manakherko-.” -Y.B

“Everyone should really manage his own business and stop judging without understanding” -P.M

“If we’re gonna change something then gender inequality it is and False traditional thoughts of our culture.” -P.H

“Dear parents, spend more effort raising real men”

I Just want to feel free, act free, live free.

Dear society, If you wanna stay discriminative, stay. If you wanna keep on banning us from lots of stuff, keep on. But undoubtedly, you could never ban our voices and eagerness of destroying those barriers you’ve built on every female’s era without permission.