Cairokee’s Music Rejected by Egyptian Authorities

Egypt’s most popular independent band just made an announcement about their new album on their Facebook page. The album was supposed to be released on the 11th of the current month, but according to the band some of the songs were rejected by the department of artwork supervision.

“Bad news is that our album – and for the first time ever – won’t be available in stores in its real form, but it doesn’t matter. Good news is that our songs will always remain free and liberated and they will be available on the internet and digital stores, not only that but all of the album songs will be recorded visually.”

Based on the band’s background, we can safely assume that the reason behind the ban is that some songs were very political and rebellious. That of course was confirmed to us after we listened to ‘El Sekka Shmal Fi Shmal’, a new song from the album that the band sang in their London concert which was rather ehhh….. Just listen for yourself. However, fans can rest assured knowing that they’re going to have the album in its original shape no matter what.

The news come after two songs have been released on the internet, one was release officially by the band and the other was leaked after it was released exclusively for Vodafone IN users. Read more about it here.

It seems like Cairokee’s new album will be too heated and the band will hit the headlines a couple of times, let’s just hope that it will be with good news. Guess we’ll have to wait till July 11th to find out.