5 Iconic Gym-Related Misconceptions

With Eid’s intervention to end the blessed month, #RamadanNights got itself a similar termination as well. Welcoming Sahel’s season, #SummerGoals posts automatically filled right in, initiating a new trend to the scene and recalling the joyous summer vibes once again. By that time of the year, people get lost in preparations prior to setting North Coast as their GPS destination. Girls’ attention gets drawn to beach dresses, matching hats, fashionable sunglasses, cute sandals, tanning oils and life-saving sunscreens –one can never know if a girl wants darker skin or not-. On the contrary, a new swim suit and loose sleeveless apparels could summarize a boy’s crowded packing list. However, both agreed to have some serious working out preceding their coastal plans, to purge Ramadan’s calories, and set their body right for the upcoming summery months.

Saturated with enthusiastic exercisers, gyms did kick off this year’s heated season, which is definitely here for the long haul. Having summer’s fitness as the topic of the hour, we felt like discussing five of the common misconceptions people possess regarding gym’s environment. Getting to the bottom of such falsified facts would shorten the quest for your demanded beach’s shape and approach your sea sight’s date. In addition to that, righting these wrong chaining beliefs might mark your athletic debut, to turn such beneficial activity into your passionate habit.

1.  More Sit-Ups, Faster Six Pack

As surprising as it might seem, you do have a packed stomach. In fact, such muscles are present in every human body, regardless to their weight, nutrition or routine. However, these muscles tend to hide from the naked eye sight as they drown beneath your belly’s sack of fats. Unlike your beliefs, crunches are capable of strengthening and developing, but never of surfacing and revealing. In order to reach your desired ripped stomach, Cardio and food are your main tools. Seek frequent runs, go for rope jumps and befriend the Cardio machines along following a healthy diet that assures more calorie loss than intake. Mirroring a six pack requires consistency as well as commitment, but their portrayal upon your body would definitely be worth these efforts.

2.  Supplements? But They Damage Your Kidney!

Talking about gym myths would definitely reserve the biggest section for the debatable issues of supplements. Various arguments have risen to the surface, spreading fear of these products for its potential harms on the body’s kidney. In their panicking rush of adrenaline, people broadcasted the incomplete part of the information and generalized it to be the dominating rule. Generally speaking, surpassing any limit is harmful. However, people turned a blind eye on mentioning that supplements’ harms are only eligible when its stated dose is exceeded. It’s not so much different from exceeding the more-than-preferable meat or chicken intake on a lunch’s meal for instance. Excluding amino acids and injections, protein supplements are an absolutely safe replacement to your diet’s deficiencies. Furthermore, having one or two daily scopes post or pre working out is your best catalyst for building a fit and muscled body.

       3.  Stop Lifting Or You Will Get Shorter!

Weight lifting could affect your body in many ways; growing muscles, a fresher blood cycle and healthier breath rates could be some real examples. What’s not is the fake allegation of shortening one’s height. Several sport experts have testified the invalidity of such claims and they were supported by various biological researches that proved the falsification of likely accusations. As long as you have knowledge over what you’re doing, not rushing and not risking injuries, your height is impeccable. So don’t get your goals chained to restraining myths and always remember that sky is your limit.

4.  Resting is For the Weak


Unlike what’s been crafted in the minds of the many, for your muscles, recovery days are as important as exercising days. To your surprise, these so-called-luxurious rest days are the most effective ones among all. During recovery, your body witnesses the development of the workout effects, transforming muscles’ soreness and stretches to observed gains. Subsequently, giving up on these rest days would have you gradually lose your muscle mass. The optimal scenario is to train each muscle once a week, which would guarantee you 2-3 days of recovery. Any further interference transcending these constraints would harm your physical plan, in addition to ending you up suffering from mood and sleep disorders.

       5.  No Supplements, No Results

As you step into the gym, your attention gets unwillingly drawn to the bottle-shaped objects attached to every trainee. Down the road, you’d be informed that these shakers contain their fueling supplement, and using likely powders is a must, for reaching your awaited results. Although they provide shortcuts as well as filling in your nutrition shortages, supplements were never the sole path for a healthy body. The struggle of following a healthy diet met the ease of using them as compensators, which gained them their popularity in the first place. However, adjusting your meals to follow a proper nutrition plan would terminate the need for supplements. Managing to have 5-6 mini-meals per day with proper protein and carbs intake would most certainly do the trick, and end you up with the same fitness benefits.

Now you can have a summer body without actually harming your body, WOHOO!