A Week Full of Music

Last week was certainly one of my favorite weeks ever. It’s like most of my favorite artists decided to release their music at once. Although they were all really good I felt that most of the songs didn’t get enough attention and not enough people know about them, so here are all the songs that were released last week.

Amir Eid & Ruby – Lessa Fiha Ktir

To be honest, it would never have come to my mind that those two would make a song together. Cairokee’s lead singer along with the beautiful Ruby and the awesome music of the one and only Sherif Mostafa, I couldn’t stop the song from playing inside my mind. Although I could never pass civics at school (yes I’m not loyal..sue me!) this song along with its beautiful clip really made me want to explore the places I haven’t been to yet in Egypt.

Wust El Balad – Law Kan

This one really touched me and I’m very sad it didn’t get the publicity it deserves. I don’t know what was the best part about it! Was it Hazem Wefy’s lyrics, Amr Salama’s direction of the clip or Wust El Balad’s music? The song focuses on refugees especially the ones who haven’t lost hope and it aims to make people think more about them and about how would they be if they were in their shoes.

Shady Ahmed – Dayra

Finally and after a lot of waiting, Shady released a new song which talks about himself always chasing things that are not meant to be his and finding himself caught in an endless loop. I knew the song would be great once I knew it would join Shady with Sary Hany, I mean, could it get any better? The clip was pretty chill too and it definitely added an amazing atmosphere to the song.

Sharmoofers – Alley Oop

This was made especially for the opening of FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup. Although the song doesn’t really contain much lyrics, Sharmoofers always know how to keep their groove present. The song is about combining all nations together with sport and tho it repeats itself a lot, you never get bored of the “oowooohoos oowooohoos”. The video was pretty amazing and for some reason I couldn’t listen to the song without watching the video. (No it’s not because of the cheerleader in red….. YOU CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING)

Ramy Essam – Resala Ela Magles El Amn

After waiting for his new album, Ramy Essam released 12 songs in his album “Resala Ela Magles El Amn” on digital platforms where they are available for every one to listen to and download. The album contains his previously released singles like “Harara” and “Segn Bel Alwan” featuring the Lebanese Rapper Malikah. The album is a pure rock and roll album which would make anyone whose political views are anything but ‘everyone sucks’ see it as a very offensive piece of art.

Cairokee – El Keif

Last but not least, Cairokee posted a teaser of a song from their new album called ‘El Keif’ saying that you could listen to it before the official release only if you’re a Vodafone IN network user. *giggles* The song which Abdel Baset Hamouda sang with the band talks about a person speaking to his addiction and cursing how it stole his life from him. Personally I loved the song but I know a lot of their fans don’t share my opinion and think it was a huge drop in the band’s career.