Sawa Car: A New Concept to Egyptian Transportation

Can’t afford a car and tired of spending all your money on taxis? Have a car but gas bills are becoming unbearable? I feel you my brothers and sisters and that’s why I’m happy to tell you to worry no more, because that is exactly what Sawa Car is here for. (hmm that actually rhymed)

Sawa car is a new application available on android smartphones (and soon enough on iPhones too) that offers carpooling to passengers who want to go to work or basically go anywhere without paying a huge amount of money. This will help car owners compensate some of the money the pay for petrol, and passengers make their trips with the lowest amount of money possible.

The app works like this: the car owners set the destination where they are going, the person without the car sets his location and destination and makes a request, if both of them match the app sends the request to all car owners available and the passenger gets to choose between them. The car owner goes wherever he’s going and drops the passenger on his way and gets paid with a set fare of 1.50 EGP for every kilometre. What makes Sawa cheaper than any other service is that they don’t charge you for the time taken during the journey and that they don’t have a minimum fare. That way car owners gain money and passengers get to have good transportation for little amount of money (and maybe make some friends too as it’s a good way to socialize).

Sawa car needs you to put on pictures of your ID to make yourself a verified user and it also offers you to choose if you want to be in a car where you and the car owner can smoke or not. Girls could also choose to go with female drivers only if they want to. (And no boys, you can’t choose female drivers only)

When we spoke to the app owners, they told us “we don’t embrace the idea of drivers because in the end, those car drivers are not really regular cab drivers. Those are just car owners who are picking up people on their way so when we say the word ‘drivers’, we actually mean the ones in the driver’s seat because we don’t want people confusing Sawa drivers for regular cab drivers.”

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-26 at 11.13.32 PM

Although Sawa Car application is now available, it’s not yet active as it’s still in the phase of collecting car owners who are willing to start taking other people with them and as soon as the app is active, it will offer carpooling while traveling which will start by going from Cairo to any other governorate.

Go download the car owners’ app from here or the passengers’ app from here.

Just in time we needed a way to save money after the fuel price increase. WOW!