The Writer of “The Fault In Our Stars” Wrote A New Book And Here’s Everything We Know.

John Green Author of The Fault in Our Stars

 John Green, the author of six novels including his most famous The Fault In Our Stars, announced a few days ago that he wrote a new book called Turtles All the Way Down. It will hit shelves this October.

The novel circles around a 16-year-old,Aza Holmes, who suffers from a mental illness while trying to investigate the disappearance of a billionaire. John has pointed out that there are many details in the book that are based on his own experience of dealing with the illness.

In a statement from the publisher, Green said, “This is my first attempt to write directly about the kind of mental illness that has affected my life since childhood, so while the story is fictional, it is also quite personal.”

The title “Turtles All the Way Down” is an expression to explain a story that happened when a cosmology class students (the study of fate and the universe) told their professor that the Earth is flat and rests against the back of a turtle. When the professor asks them what this turtle is standing on, the crowd laughs and responds “It’s turtles All The Way down” which I believe has a more complex meaning in today’s world where all the choices we make build up to make us who we are “Earth”.