The Nomad Jellyfish invaded our shores

(photo credit: Dor Galia Pasternak)

Jellyfish can be found in every ocean from the surface to the deep sea but this summer some not-so-welcomed visitors have invaded the shores of the Mediterranean disturbing people’s vacation.

The nomad jellyfish is a light blue jellyfish that is considered one of the worst invasive marine species and its original habitat is the Indian oceans but apparently the expansion of the new Suez canal caused this.

The newly-enlarged Suez Canal is forming a superhighway for these invasive species making it much easier for the marine species to travel from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.

So, everyone take care and don’t try to touch the poisonous jellyfish even if it’s already dead.

In case you’ve got stung by a jellyfish, you should leave the water immediately and rinse the area with vinegar or a solution of baking soda that will deactivate the stinging cells then soak the area in hot water for at least 20 minutes if possible. Cold packs can be used, too.