This Is Why Halawet El Donya Deserves To Be The Best Series In Ramadan 2017

Written By: Farah Hatem

I was never the type of person who gets emotionally attached to Egyptian series of any kind, but Halawet El Donya proved otherwise.

I don’t know whether it was the impeccable cast: Hend Sabry‘s truthful performance of both agony and euphoria, Dhafer L’Abidine‘s aura of safety and grace, Hanan Motawie‘s representation of joy and friendship and the rest of the cast’s addition, or the simply mastered filming and editing throughout the series, or the obvious effort that each member of the team has made, or the series’ ending that has been on replay ever since it aired.

Surely, a cast and crew’s work is the essence of any series but what captured my attention the most was the truthfulness and accuracy in the portrayal of a cancer patient’s life, with all of its rough edges.


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It’s worthy to mention that Yasmine Ghaith, who played the role of Heba who is a cancer patient, is a breast cancer survivor. Not only that, but Heba‘s lines in the series are originally Yasmine‘s, reflecting the pain she’s witnessed, as written by Yasmine below on her Instagram.

ساعات حلاوة الدنيا بتطلع من قلب الجرح! …. و دي آخر مفاجأة في حلاوة الدنيا، الكلام اللي هبة قالته النهارده ده مش كلام هبة، ده كلام ياسمين غيث اللي ذاقت العذاب. شكراً إنچي، سماء، و حسين المنباوي. إنچي و هم بيكتبوا المشاهد بتاعتي دي، قالتلي “ياسمين إحنا حاسين إن الرسالة اللي هبة بتقدمها مبقتش بس من هبة، دي من ياسمين كمان”، قالتلي اللي الناس عاملينوا علي السوشيال ميديا علشانك ده بيثبت إن إنتي اللي بتوصلي رسالة مهمة…..ف إكتبي اللي إنتي مؤمنة بيه و عايزة توصيله للناس منك إنتي شخصياً و هنكتبهولك في المسلسل!! و حصل، كتبت رسالتي اللي عايزة أوصلها   For me this experience is simply magical! ? Heba returned, because she wouldn’t leave Amina and Selim in such a hard time. Heba returned because she’s always been the hope, the light at the end of the tunnel, the laughter and the strength! Thank you Heba, thank you Yasmine ? …. #YesWeLiveTwice #AlwaysWearYourSmile #MyCancerDiaries #WonderWomanTheyCallMe #HalawatAlDounia #حلاوة_الدنيا_من_قلب_الجرح

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Coming down to the series finale, it’s crucial to shed light on the words said by Amina El Shamma3 (Hend Sabry) that will live on. Words that represent life, death and everything in between. Words that everyone can relate to, no matter where they are in life while listening to them.


“أنا قررت أعيش… أعيش بجد… طول ما لسا مكتوب لي أيام فالدنيا.. مش هفرط فيهم ولا أسيبهم يضيعوا عال فاضي.. مش هبطل أحلم و مش هبطل أجرب.. وهفضل أعمل الحاجات اللي بحبها.. مع الناس اللي بحبهم… وعارفه ان مش كلها هتبقى أيام حلوة… وان في وجع وقهر كتير هيعدوا علينا… بس اللي متأكدة منه….ان وسط كل الوجع…لسه الحاجات اللي بنحبها تقدر تخلينا نفرح…لسه حلاوة الدنيا بتضيع طعم المرار”


hend and zafer


Many human beings are undergoing battles that others might not know of, or might know how to react to. This series showed us how it’s okay to feel, to fight, to love, to be despite all our flaws, to care for others and for ourselves, too. This is to every cancer patient that has won the battle, those who lost it, and those who are still fighting. This series is honoring your pain and strength. This series is for you, and for anyone else who is suffering, to keep fighting. It’s always worth the fight.

You’re worth the fight.