Egyptian Eid Al-Fitr Is Like No Other And We’ve Got Proof

The Holy month is coming to an end and we’re now in the delightful gladsome period of getting ready to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr. Being an Egyptian, there are some weird customs and certain traditions you should be familiar with when celebrating Eid in Egypt.


  • Wallah lessa badry

Your biological watch just got adapted to Ramadan’s timings and the whole sohour-iftar thing. You also might not be aware of the exact day of Ramadan you’re at, but it’s still Ramadan! Until you hear “Wallah lessa badry” playing on TV channels and Radio stations, by then you comprehend it’s the end and soon enough you’ll go back to having your morning coffee.

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  • Long ass text messages and broadcasts

Surely no one will ever lionize waking up on

“Kahk el 3id

Lebs gedid

Bomb w swareekh

Le3b w tanteet


kind of text message on the family WhatsApp group. Although it’s definitely the corniest text messages ever, it still adds the joyful spice of Eid we all miss. Yet a simple “Eid Mubarak” text message is sufficient enough!

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  • Kahk

Kahk is one of the most recognized trademarks of Eid Al-Fitr. It’s the seasonal confetti we immediately fell head over heels for to the extent we start buying it even before it’s Eid.


  • You’re never too old for Lebs El 3id

No matter how old you are, still you cheerfully get that weird desire for buying new clothes before Eid exactly like a five-year-old child. Lebs el 3id will always remain a never fading thrill.

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  • 3edeya

What is Eid without 3edeya? It’s nonsense! Although you hear stuff like “You’re too old for 3edeya!” or “You’re the one who should give us 3edeya right now” from your parents and relatives, still you ask for it bluntly and you won’t leave before having your own 3edeya.


  • El Sobky

Being an Egyptian, you’re always familiar with El Sobky’s movies invasion and trailers everywhere before Eid. No matter how much people dislike El Sobky’s movies, they bizarrely remain blockbusters every single year!


  • Laylet Eid

You can’t deny that celebrating and pulling an all-nighter on wa2fa is certainly why you always fall asleep during 3ozomat. An explanation to why the period from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM is usually the most boring tedious time of the first day of Eid.


  • Sahel

You spend the first day of Eid in 3ozomat to arrive at Sahel the following day and find the whole Egyptian public chilling there. Sahel is definitely the Eid custom we give the willies to.

large-احمد مكي - فورمة الساحل من فيلم طير انت

The Egyptian version of Eid Al-Fitr is surely more interesting, share with us your own Eid traditions in the comment section. Eid Mubrarak everyone.